What to Do in February to Create a Wildlife Friendly Garden for the Summer

As we leave January behind us at long last, thoughts start to turn towards the outdoors and the things that we can get back to doing in the garden. There are lots of things that we can start doing at this time of the year to improve the garden and get it ready to enjoy during the spring and the summer months.

As well as being a place to spend time for humans, a garden can also be a space which can help to support the local wildlife. Taking care of wildlife is something that everyone is responsible for, and if you have a garden this is a great way to give nature a chance to flourish there.

A garden does not need to be large to be beneficial to wildlife either. There are plenty of things that you can do to help wildlife, no matter the size or shape of your garden. Here are some ideas to get you started ready for the spring…

Put Up Nest Boxes – With spring just around the corner, birds will now be looking for safe spaces to build nests to rear their young in. Putting up nest boxes in sheltered areas that are away from predators will provide them with a place to be able to rear their young safely.

You can enjoy watching them do this by getting a nest box camera to put in (don’t do this if there are already birds nesting in there as it will disturb them).

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Grow Native Plants – Plants that are native to the UK are the best way to attract pollinators and help the bee and butterfly populations. Go to somewhere like this plants for trade Kent based supplier https://www.palmstead.co.uk/ to get yourself some suitable plants for your garden that the bees and butterflies will be able to enjoy throughout the summer.

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Create a Pond – A pond is a great addition to a garden if you want to do more for wildlife. It can be any size, and is a safe haven for frogs and newts, as well as for thirsty birds on hot summer days! There are lots of pond building tutorials online that you can follow to help guide you.

Author: Kei Taylor

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