How swings have developed over the years

One of the most fundamental elements of the playground is the swing. There is something deeply exhilarating and life affirming as you swing through the air and feel the wind on your face, daring yourself to go as high as you can. Playing on a swing dates back way through the centuries but you can guarantee that our ancestors would never have a more complete playground and swing set like the Playgrounds Cheltenham based  has to offer.

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As with most things in the western world the swing starts with the ancient Greeks. Medicine, science, philosophy, laws and now swings, it’s amazing how much we owe to these people in what they invented. We know it was the ancient Greeks as we have found old vases and amphora with images of children and women on the swings. It’s probably fair to say that the invention of swings goes further back than that. However the Neolithic people who came up with swings didn’t have any way to record it.

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The humble tree branch has always been the first port of call for a swing. Two lengths of rope and a plank of wood with holes in it was pretty much all you needed. However, we now prefer to build strong frames from iron and steel and use chains rather than rope. Plastic seats are also much easier to wipe clean if a bird has decided to leave a calling card on it.

Author: Kei Taylor

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