What Is Advanced Therapy? Everything You Should Know About ATMPs.

Modern science is continuously working on medicines and therapeutics to redefine treatment approaches. New treatment mechanisms create inroads for new technologies and the manufacturing of drugs. 

One such example is the advent of medical products and treatments that use cell therapy, gene therapy, and tissue engineering. 

This group of new therapeutic approaches is all about newly developed knowledge gained through clinical observations. The stakeholders, like the researchers, can learn and educate themselves by participating in general medicine conference where they learn by reciprocating ideas. However, this article will walk along the basics of Advanced Therapy and the whereabouts of Advanced Therapy Medicinal products (ATMPs). 

What Is Advanced Therapy?

Advanced Therapies refer to the medicinal products and treatments that use cell therapy, gene therapy, and tissue engineering in combination with medical devices. This treatment methodology directly targets diseased cells. Advanced Therapies have three broad classifications and they include:

  • Regenerative Medicines.
  • Tissue Engineering.
  • Gene Therapy. 

Regenerative medicine refers to the treatment methodology that involves the treatment of the cells that have been damaged. This regenerative process helps in the ailment of an individual.

Tissue engineering refers to the use of cells to restore human tissue. For example, you can refer to the restoration of a person’s eyesight. 

Gene therapy is a term referred to as the manipulation of the genes that affect cellular level changes. This Therapy has its connections with two segments – that is, the somatic cells and the germline therapy. It requires mention that you can get somatic cells everywhere in the body. But germline therapy involves the mutation to the eggs and the sperms.  

Facts To Know About The Advanced Therapies 

In this article, we discuss the different concepts that are directly linked with Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products. 

Why Are Atmps Different From Other Medicines? 

Advanced Therapy medicine products are different from that traditional medicines. Traditional medicines are based on small synthetic chemical molecules. Even some of the advanced medicines that are developed have biological origins.

On the other hand, Advanced therapies are based completely on cells and genes. These groups of medicines have a completely different approach compared to that of the traditional approach. Hence they are so named and conceptualized to meet some specific requirements. So there is a completely different conceptualization regarding their forms and characters.

How Are Atmps Largely Different From Medical Devices?

ATMPs are different from medical devices in their main concept. Medical devices are mainly used in research labs and hospitals. They are focussed mainly on bringing in changes in the human body. 

The deployment of medical devices is done mainly through the physical mode of action. Recently clinical experts have been employing Artificial Intelligence so that they bring improvement in the success rates with operations. 

Advanced Therapy Medicinal products are generic medicines that are used in the human body, but the approach is different. This medicine bases its application on cells, tissues, and on genes. These products that are restricted to treatment through gene therapies come under the umbrella term ATMP.  

How Many Cell Therapies Are Involved In The Chemical Trials? 

The number of cell therapy studies and clinical trials keeps fluctuating with time. According to a recent study, it is found out that around 1060 clinical trials are going on in different phases. 

The lion’s share of chemical therapies is focused on oncology as well as Ophthalmology, metabolic, cardio, and a few other fields. Therefore you can understand well that investing and efforts are being made to bring fast change in this study. 

What Else? 

Advanced therapies are a developing subject. Therefore, the stakeholders who monitor these developments (like the FDA) are working closely with the companies so that these advanced mechanisms find their routes into the markets. So the ecosystem and infrastructure are the focal points in this discussion. 

Author: Kei Taylor

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