Design A Billiard Room In The House

Design A Billiard Room In The House

Own billiard room in a private house is a sign of the refined taste of the owners, their financial security and high status. Such entertainment is not available to everyone – a table for playing billiards is quite expensive, and a specially decorated room requires appropriate investments. However, spending on billiard room equipment will pay off with interest: here you can spend cozy family evenings, make friends for pleasant leisure, while away time, chasing balls on the green cloth, or just use the room as a stylish living room.

How to equip a billiard room without involving designers? With the help of our tips, you can independently draw up a project, taking into account all the subtleties and nuances.

Design A Billiard Room In The House

Room requirements

To correctly think through the design features of the billiard room, you should first choose the room in which you plan to set the table. One of the most important conditions is a suitable area since overall furniture takes up a lot of space. There are classic table sizes that you should rely on when choosing a room:

  • full-size – 3.7 * 1.85 m;
  • large – 3.5 * 1.75 m;
  • average – 3.2 * 1.6 m;
  • Small – 2.9 * 1.45 m.

At least the length of the cue should be added to these sizes on each side – this is how many passages around the table should occupy so that the players are comfortable and free. Additional space will be required to equip at least a small seating area, put a sofa and set up a bar counter.

Since daylight is not welcome for the game — it distorts the intended trajectory of the balls — the billiard room can be equipped on any floor of a private house, including the attic and basement. The main thing is that there be an optimal microclimate that contributes to the preservation of expensive furniture. Excessive humidity is detrimental to wood, so choose a dry room with efficient ventilation and low air temperature.

Important! Keep in mind that the knock of billiard balls is quite loud, therefore, if the area of ​​the house allows, it is better to place the billiard room as far as possible from the children’s room and bedroom.

Another prerequisite is a perfectly flat floor. Before installing the table, you should make sure that its surface does not have slopes, otherwise, the ball will change the path, and it will not work fully. To do this, you can use a special building level, which will show the presence of defects.

Features of the interior of the billiard room: photos and ideas

If you plan to design your billiard room design, be sure to take into account the key nuances that will allow you to equip a stylish, modern and functional room without the help of designers.

Wall, ceiling, floor decoration

It is worth considering that the billiard table will form the basis of the stylistic palette, focus on the attention of guests, and therefore the design of the room should be somehow attached to its appearance. In specialized stores you can order almost any table, however, it is customary to consider a massive frame made of natural wood, carved legs and bright green cloth as “classics of the genre”.

Shades of finishing materials should somehow duplicate the material from which the table is made. The palette usually varies in the classical range: walnut, oak, wenge, ash. It is not necessary to duplicate the saturated color of the cloth – it is quite catchy in itself, so you should not oversaturate the interior. However, if you put several evergreens in tubs in the corners, the room will become much more comfortable.

The floor covering must support the tangible weight of the pool table. Although the tile is considered the most durable material, it is not always appropriate in the room for the game, since porcelain tile does not harmonize well with wood. If the budget allows, it is better to stop at expensive varieties of parquet. A more budgetary option is a high-quality wear-resistant laminate that mimics wood. Many lay carpets around the table, however, this element of the interior is quite controversial and not everyone likes.

Design A Billiard Room In The House

The design of the walls allows you to choose almost any type of decoration, starting with a spectacular lining and ending with high-quality elite wallpapers. You should not save at this stage of interior design since it depends on how stylish and elegant the billiard room will turn out.

Ceiling finish may also vary depending on the preferences of the owners. You can make a usual or fantasy tension structure, a mirror surface, a multi-level ceiling made of drywall – the main thing is that it harmonizes with the decoration of the walls. If you equip a billiard room in the attic, it is not necessary to hide the ceiling beams – they can be used as a highlight of the interior, decorated with LED lamps or a climbing plant.


For a comfortable game, you need bright and uniform lighting. The light should not blind players, so lamps on long pendants are usually placed directly above the table at an equal distance from each other. Natural lighting, if it is provided for by the characteristics of the room, is best minimized by curtaining the windows with tight curtains. And the additional twilight around the perimeter can be diluted with local illumination: spotlights, LED strip or several sconces.

Design A Billiard Room In The House

Furniture for a billiard room

In addition to a table for billiards and coasters, you should choose a convenient set of furniture for the equipment of the recreation area. In between parties, players should be able to have a good time chatting with a cup of aromatic tea or coffee, so you need to provide upholstered furniture and a small table. In a cozy corner, designed for relaxation, you can equip a bar with a minimum set of dishes: a few glasses, tea, and coffee mugs. If you wish, you can also place a mini-fridge for storing ice, a coffee maker or a coffee machine, a kettle for heating water and making tea.

As for furniture, a sofa and several armchairs with leather upholstery are considered classics. However, everything is variable: you can pick up a stylish set decorated with textiles, the main thing is that its color fits into the interior design. The priority is natural discreet tones: coffee, brown, all shades of beige and milk.

If the room is equipped in a luxurious bohemian style, it is worth complementing it with antique furniture on carved legs with decorative elements made of natural wood. This option is considered one of the most sophisticated and spectacular. But it is better to refuse glass – a ball accidentally flying off a table can damage fragile material, and furniture will have to be changed.

Style options

Billiard room for many is associated with luxury and chic, and this opinion is not without reason. Therefore, to make the room look stylish, you should not save on its design, however, you should not flaunt luxury deliberately either – there should be harmony and moderation in everything. Which style do you prefer? It all depends on your tastes and stylistic concept of the house:

  • English apartments will appeal to those who value classics and comfort;
  • Modern design is suitable for a loft or a private house with a pronounced urban interior;
  • The bohemian style will fit into the interior of a castle house or a country palace;
  • Eco-style and Provence is one of the acceptable options for standard houses with wood trim, especially if the billiard room is located in the attic;
  • Minimalism is a universal option if the size of the billiard room does not allow equipping a recreation area with upholstered furniture;
  • Oriental style means maximum brilliance and gilding.

Design A Billiard Room In The House

If you decide to equip a billiard room in a private house, try to think through everything to the smallest detail – this place should be associated with relaxation, pleasant leisure, and hospitable meetings.

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