What chemicals can affect the soil

The soil around us is paramount to our survival. We need it to grow fruits and vegetables, for animals to graze on and to help provide us with the ground to build our homes and to help prevent large areas of land from flooding. This is one of the reasons that it is important to look after the soil and ensure that chemicals could potentially harm the ecosystem in the soil, are kept away from the ground, or that Remediation Contractors like Soilfix Remediation are called in to deal with any issues.

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There are a number of chemicals that can cause issues in the soil, and these include.

Asbestos – whilst asbestos in a solid state doesn’t cause issues when the fibres are disturbed, these can be released into the atmosphere where they can be breathed in and can affect our lungs. This means that it is important that any asbestos found in the soil is removed before the soil is dug up.

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Pesticides are commonly used on agricultural land, and they can cause issues with the flora and fauna of the area. A build-up of pesticides can result in poor harvests in future years. As a result, it is important that the chemicals are flushed from the soil and nutrients added back in to make it fertile land once again.

Radon – this is commonly found in the land where airfields and other manufacturing plants have been located. It is a chemical that is looked for during property searches in high-risk areas.

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