Keeping busy at home, once the children have “Flown the Nest”

If you are one of the many older parents, who have children that have grown up and “Flown the Nest” from home recently then you may well be experiencing the common feeling of emptiness.  Many families go through this “Empty Nest” syndrome and it’s actually quite common for mums and dads to feel a lack of purpose and direction, once their children have left home.  Don’t feel sad though, you have spent at least eighteen years caring for and nurturing your children, teaching them how to become independent.  Relish your newfound freedom, embrace the extra time and money you may find you now have.  Take a well-deserved holiday, travel and meet up with friends and family in faraway places that you haven’t seen for a long time. Take up a new hobby or enrol on a course in improving a skill you already have.  If you are creative and enjoy knitting or crocheting why not purchase some Crochet Blanket Kits from a company that specialises in Wool Couture and spend time making beautiful blankets or cushions that you could give as gifts to others or maybe sell at a local craft fayre?

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Now is your time, don’t feel sad that your children have moved away and are starting out on a new adventure, rejoice in the knowledge that you helped them achieve their goals.  Let your children enjoy their newfound freedom and start having some fun of your own.  Invite friends or family that live many miles away to come and stay in your spare rooms, have social gatherings and parties, like Hyacinth Bucket in the television comedy series “Keeping up Appearances” have a special, adult only evening soiree, where you can all enjoy some grown up time. If you fancy taking a long holiday then do it, now you are no longer at the beck and call of the children and are not their private taxi service you will have plenty of time for travel.

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Maybe you have always dreamt of going to a faraway country like Canada, America, China, or Australia?  Perhaps you have always wanted to buy a motorhome and travel around the United Kingdom, experiencing all the wonderful sights and sounds that Great Britain has to offer. Whatever it is you have always wanted to do, now is the time to do it.

Author: Kei Taylor

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