How Vehicle Fleet Management Saves Companies Money

Vehicle Fleet Management, like that offered by MPH Vehicle Solutions is the process in which an organization’s fleet of vehicles is monitored to ensure the smooth running of a company. There are many advantages of having this type of system; including control, efficiency and accountability of a company’s fleet. Vehicle Fleet Management is the management of vehicles that are in service, for example during a delivery or repair operation, with the aim of maximising efficiency and reducing costs. With the help of a good fleet management system, companies can optimise their operations by optimising their usage of vehicles, minimising the risk of accidents, providing greater customer service and maximising productivity.

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A fleet solution uses several different components to track and monitor fleets. Vehicle Tracking and Vehicle Performance Information (VPI) are two of the key components used in this solution. Vehicle Tracking can provide valuable information regarding vehicle speed, fuel economy and the number of miles driven. Vehicle Performance Information, which records the fuel economy of the truck or vehicle and the type of engine used, provides vital information regarding fuel consumption, speed and the condition of the truck or vehicles.

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Vehicle Tracking enables fleet managers to know where all vehicles, drivers and cargo are at any given time. It also enables fleet managers to track the progress of drivers. This information is vital to the smooth running of a business and allows fleet managers to ensure that drivers are driving safely and effectively to maintain good fuel efficiency. Vehicle Performance Information provides information on emissions levels, fuel efficiency, speed and other factors that affect the efficiency of driving. This information helps managers to optimise truck and driver training to improve fuel efficiency and reduce costs.


Author: Kei Taylor

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