What Is The Best Way To Exercise In The Heat? 12 Tips From A Sports Coach

What Is The Best Way To Exercise In The Heat? 12 Tips From A Sports Coach

On hot summer days, we most want to luxuriate somewhere near the sea on a chaise longue, replenishing the water supply with cool drinks and enjoying sea views.

In such extremely hot days, many fans of an active healthy lifestyle have an obvious question – is it worth giving the last strength to training or at the same time still refrain from sports. So, we offer advice, which should be listened to.What Is The Best Way To Exercise In The Heat? 12 Tips From A Sports Coach

 What is recommended Excercise in the heat?

  1. Experienced trainers say that in the hot season it is better to give up power and cardio. So, it is better to visit the gymnasium with more calm yoga or swimming in the pool, which is especially important in the hot summer.
  2. Whichever sport is chosen, there is still a tempo and less intensity for the loads. So, it is often to hold breaks, rest and do exercises in full force.What Is The Best Way To Exercise In The Heat? 12 Tips From A Sports Coach
  3. To all people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, it is necessary to consult a doctor before starting to exercise on an extremely hot day, when the mark on the thermometer exceeds thirty.
  4. Before starting the exercises do not need to use antiperspirant. The high temperature and significant loads increase sweating, and the pores that are tightly blocked due to the antiperspirant will not be able to remove toxins and slags in the body, and therefore they will again go to the athlete’s body. For this reason, while doing sports, especially during the hot season, it is better to sweat fairly. After doing the exercises, you need to take a shower and thus eliminate the unpleasant odor of sweat.
  5. It is also important to remember the temperature of the water in the shower. So, after playing sports, you can not take a very cold, and especially an ice shower. Otherwise, you can get a sore throat or inflammation of the muscles.
  6. The ideal solution after classes will be rest for about ten or fifteen minutes so that the body can cool down, and then go to the shower. The face should be washed with cold water.
  7. It is also very important at this time to observe the correct drinking regime. In doing so, do not drink water while exercising. In some cases, when it tortures feelings of thirst, you can rinse your mouth with water at room temperature.
  8. During the day you should drink up to three liters of drinking water. To make it tastier, you can add a little lemon juice or mint infusion. These drinks have an excellent cooling effect.
  9. It is important to plan your training time in advance. So, it’s ideal not later than a few hours before bedtime. The reason is obvious – due to the fact that the adrenaline rushes into the blood, and the body temperature rises, it will not be easy to fall asleep.What Is The Best Way To Exercise In The Heat? 12 Tips From A Sports Coach
  10. In an abnormally hot time, it is worthwhile to think about the dislocation change. Often athletes think about where it is worth doing sports in extreme weather – on the street or indoors. Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages. As for the gym, there must be air conditioning in summer. It is better to choose a place for training so that cool air does not blow from the air conditioner. This time is not the best for setting records in sports. If suddenly you do not feel very well during sports activities, it’s better to stop, breathe well and then continue. Exercises in the open air also have their advantages. So the muscles can get a lot of oxygen, which means that the exercises will be effective. However, if the street thermometer shows more than 30 degrees, it is quite realistic to get a thermal or sunstroke. If the athlete lives in a megacity or a small provincial town, the warm air is excessively saturated with hot asphalt and dust, which hardly anyone will want to breathe. In an abnormally hot season, experienced trainers advise classes to transfer to an early time, when the air is still fresh and relatively cool.What Is The Best Way To Exercise In The Heat? 12 Tips From A Sports Coach
  11. Everyone who has a healthy habit of running early in the morning, during a hot time, it is recommended to replace it with fast athletic walking. An excellent example can be Scandinavian walking, which does not overload, but evenly loads all the muscles.
  12. An excellent option for everyone who wants to stay healthy and sporty even in hot summer weather will be classes in the pool or swimming in the pond. In the water are allowed to practice any water sport or just a long swim. At the same time going to the beach, it is important not to forget to apply a special sun-protecting cream and wear a hat to avoid heat or sunstroke.

Summing up, we can say with certainty that the summer heat is not an excuse to deny yourself sport. Swimming and sparing lessons in the gym, where there is air conditioning – is an excellent option for everyone who wants to remain beautiful, and, most importantly, healthy despite the not very favorable weather conditions.

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