Adding monetary value to your home before selling

There are several easy and cost-effective ways to add monetary value to your home before selling it.  Give your property some curb appeal by tidying your gardens and planting some bright colourful flowers, maybe add a pretty hanging basket to the front door?  Have a serious declutter in all your rooms, give the walls a fresh coat of paint and put all your personal photos and memorabilia away in a box. Display some fresh flowers in the main room and make sure you haven’t got a washing machine or tumble dryer working when potential buyers look around. Make sure to complete any minor repairs and keep cupboards and closets neat and tidy.

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Of course, sometimes you have to spend a bit more money to make money and achieve the highest price for your home and that could involve replacing the broken door on your garage and using a professional company such as who specialise in Garage Doors Taunton to replace the broken one for you.  Having a secure garage space will greatly increase the value of your property so definitely a worthwhile investment.

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Little tricks of the selling trade like having some freshly brewed coffee in the kitchen or some home-made bread that’s just out of the oven makes a house smell like a home and will attract potential buyers to put in an offer.  Make sure all the lightbulbs work and have some subtle lighting and soft music playing, this all helps to relax any possible buyers.

Author: Kei Taylor

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