Selecting a Workday Partner 

Organizations that use fitting Workday partners enjoy numerous perks. For starters, these professionals help them implement this powerful software and prevent costly service interruptions. All these facilitate rapid success and boost ROI.

But the million-dollar question is this. How can you identify a fitting Workday Partner? After all, many service providers are available today. While selecting a Workday partner, let the factors outlined below guide you.

Does the Partner Understand Your Business?

The professional you choose to help you with various Workday functions, from deployment to optimization, should be familiar with your business’s nuances. Most importantly, they must be acquainted with the happenings in your industry.

A partner that understands what you do can align their vision with your company’s success. Moreover, they are better positioned to facilitate process improvements and ensure Workday propels your company forward.

Start by asking a potential partner if they’ve previously worked with a business like yours. If yes, well and good. But if they haven’t, check if they are willing to spare time and learn what your company does.

Which Services Does the Partner Offer?

There are various aspects that reputable Workday partners can help with. First, these professionals can handle deployment. That means they can help you get Workday up and running in a reasonable time frame with few to no risks. Several challenges often make Workday implementation a nightmare, including poor documentation and data migration.

So, you need expert help.

Additionally, some partners offer Workday optimization. They conduct exhaustive system health checks, optimize existing integrations, and review businesses process. Depending on needs, they can deploy new Workday enhancement features and test security.

Other reputable professionals are experts in post-production support. Simply put, they provide everything you need to ensure your Workday system runs smoothly without disastrous bottlenecks. Plus, they may provide rich analytics and insights.

To ensure you pick a company that will be an ideal partner in the long haul, check the expertise areas and services offered.

Is the Partner Genuine and Reputable?

Sadly, the World Wide Web is full of scammy service providers. Some are out to get your money and run. On the other hand, others falsely taut their ability to deliver. But don’t worry; identifying legit, reputable companies is easy.

Visit a partner’s website before picking their services. Legit service providers have official sites with features that bolster easy navigation. But if you encounter a platform that doesn’t seem professionally produced or is populated with grammar errors, a sloppy design, or ambiguous terms and conditions, run.

You should also browse through customer feedback and ratings. Today, 63% of people are more likely to choose companies with positive reviews for various reasons. People use reviews to voice their opinions. So, if most people have nothing but positive things to share about a company, it’s doing a splendid job and deserves consideration.

Does the Partner Use Full-Time or Contracted Employees?

Depending on your needs and preferences, the type of employees a company uses can be a deal breaker.

Some companies work with team members that are either employed permanently or serving a fixed-term contract. These are known as full-time employees and come with numerous perks. For starters, they are often fiercely loyal because this type of employment is associated with benefits like higher wages and health insurance.

On the other hand, other companies prefer contracted workers because they lack the constraints associated with long-term commitments. These service providers can expand or cut down their teams whenever necessary.

The upside of working with a partner who hires full-time employees is it offers the opportunity to interact with specific pros for a long time. And that plays a significant role in building lasting relationships down the road.

Here’s to Finding the Best Workday Partner

Many Workday Partners are available today. Although that may sound like a good thing, the multitude makes picking a suitable partner almost herculean.

Fortunately, several factors can help you make an informed decision. These include offered services and online reviews. Selecting a Workday partner will be a breeze if you use these and the others we’ve discussed above. Most importantly, your chances of choosing a fitting partner will increase multifold.

Author: Kei Taylor

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