Owning and running your own small caravan and camping site

Staycations have become incredibly popular for many families, couples and singletons here in the United Kingdom since the Covid Pandemic.  Owning a motorhome or caravan means you can holiday where you want and as often as you possibly can within a specific budget. Owning and running your own small caravan and camping site has become a fairly lucrative business and competition to attract more campers is fairly fierce.

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You might be based within easy reach of a forest, mountain or beach but you have to have good, clean facilities, decent sized pitches and a specific feature your potential camper is looking for. You will need to have KYC or  credit facilities to be able to provide that extra something that will entice campers and caravaners to your site.   Investing money in smart computer software so you can fully understand who your customers are and how you can attract them is crucial to your site.  Maybe you have a fishing lake, or your site is near a river, or within close proximity of an area of natural outstanding beauty, whatever your selling feature is you have to fully understand your customers to market that successfully.

Your visitors, all these little touches attract the paying public to your small site and will keep them coming back time and time again.

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Being animal friendly and having a decent dog walk onsite, providing a clean, washing up area with plenty of hot water and a laundrette.  Being at the camping grounds to welcome

Author: Kei Taylor

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