5 Ways to Use a Spare Room

Have you scored an extra room in your home that you don’t “need?” The possibilities are endless when thinking about how you’d like to use this additional space. If you feel you have met all of your needs in your home, consider utilizing this bonus area as one of the following.

Tip: Find reputable home remodeling contractors that would materialize your vision of transforming this spare room into a more functional one.

Guest Bedroom

If your home is frequented by guests but you have no true space that they can cozy up in for the weekend, a guest bedroom is a great idea. Consider purchasing an additional bed and making this a space your family and friends can call home for a night or two. If you don’t want to fully commit to making this a spare bedroom you can utilize a daybed or built-in wall bed so that this space is still usable when guests aren’t in town.

Home Office

With working from home becoming more popular, you may find yourself needing a specific space to work in during your work hours. A simple desk and office chair can transform this space into a home office in minutes. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, consider purchasing bookshelves, a standing desk, and any other items that will keep you motivated to work and not catch up on house chores after clocking in.

Home Gym

Don’t feel like taking a drive to the gym, or have you felt your gym has become more heavily populated during your workout hours? No problem. Purchasing a few light weights, a treadmill, or whatever type of gym equipment you can utilize for your workouts can be the solution. Don’t knock it until you try it. A home workout can be just as effective as a workout performed at a gym.

Walk-in Closet

Have you seen those giant walk-in closets on television and always wished it was your own? Well, here’s your chance. With an entire room of empty space, let all of your dreams come true by installing a few closet systems. You’ll wonder how you ever fit all of your clothes and accessories into an average bedroom closet.

Cinema Room

Last but certainly not least, who doesn’t want a movie theatre in their home? Instead of settling for your bedroom or living room as a place to watch movies, buy a projector to make an entire wall your screen. If you want to take it a step further, a popcorn machine should do the trick.

With all of these possibilities of what you can do with a spare room, you may want a few more extra spaces in your home. Atlanta houses for sale have plenty of space and bedrooms just waiting for you to turn into an impressive home gym or a movie theatre where all the neighbors want to view the latest screenings.

Author: Kei Taylor

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