Websites that demonstrate current trends in design

If you’re looking for inspiration for your website and want to know what the latest 2018 web design trends are, then take a look at the following websites. Trends in web design change every year, including things like broken grids and typographic animations. Some trends from previous years are also still going strong, such as interactive designs, minimalism and responsiveness.

Here are some excellent examples of current trends on WordPress site designs:

1.The Cool Club

Here you’ll see great examples of effects that hover, micro interactions and good use of white space. The micro interactions make the site much more interesting, such as the ability for visitors to click on and deal one card at a time. Moving the cursor over options in the navigation bar, they shake in response. This creates an interesting and attractive user experience.

The white space is used effectively to really highlight their products and keep the visitor’s attention. From viewing this site, you can see how well these current trends work for user experience. For help with your website, think about contacting a Cardiff web designer.

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  1. Waaark

The Waaark site provides an example of the effective use of fluidity in its design. The effect draws in the user’s attention with its eye-catching design. This site will show you how you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your site by sing these fluid effects.

  1. Papazian Jewellery Display

This site is an example of the use of video background and a minimalist design. The video in full-screen in the background is an effective way for the company to demonstrate the production process of their products. This shows the visitor how much importance the company place on the creation of each individual piece of jewellery. The use of colour and the video combine to give off an elegant and stylish aesthetic.

  1. Draft

For examples of the effective use of broken grids and animated text, the Draft site is a good place to visit. To grab the attention while loading, the website uses kinetic text to engage the user. Asymmetric grids and broken layouts are then utilised to display the portfolio items of the design studio. The user has the option to select an individual part to take a closer look at each listing.

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  1. Fresh Fronks

This site is a perfect example of the power of a minimalist design. It shows that you don’t need overly fancy or complicated visuals to promote products effectively. Here you’ll find simple text of different sizes and basic but enticing product photos leading users to easily click for more details or go straight to purchase. The products are highlighted by focusing on their individual features in a simple but powerful way.


Author: Kei Taylor

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