Types of Events Explained

Have you ever wondered what the most popular types of event are? Maybe you’ve been tasked with planning one and want to know which format to choose to make it as successful as possible. Here are the most common types of event:

Seminars and Conferences

Businesses and organisations hold these for specific audiences to impart information that’s relevant. Seminars are generally shorter than conferences with one or multiple speakers in one room. Conferences can spread over several days or weeks, have different events in multiple rooms and offer a multitude of topics or speakers on different topics.

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Trade Show

People attend trade shows to help generate leads for their business. Businesses can also host a trade show to help project their image as an industry leader. Organisations pay to have a booth or stand and advertise and promote their services or products. They are usually held in large arena-style locations with hundreds of different vendors participating.

Golf Events

These are highly popular events with the main focus being on relationship management between a business and its clients. Similar to an executive retreat idea, members from an organisation or several can mix and network in a relaxed environment. For help with your event, consider an Events Agency Dublin like https://davisevents.ie/

Company Anniversary

An organisation can organise an event to celebrate a specific milestone or special achievement. They are often staged in a manner similar to an appreciation event for staff or clients. Depending on the size of the company, an event like this can be as big as is desired, including clients, vendors and even the local community.


These are very popular events aimed at building on the talent and strength of a company’s employees and encouraging morale, confidence and skills boosting activities. The idea is for colleagues to come together collaboratively in a non-work environment. Examples of activities include outdoor pursuits, track days, white water rafting or paintball for example.

Product Launch

A product launch can range from small internal meetings to share information about new products with staff to large-scale events aimed at the press and public. Such events are designed to garner a high level of media attention and to create a buzz in the industry. They can take the form of a party featuring celebrities, entertainment and sit-down dinners.

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Board Meetings

Both board meetings and those held with shareholders serve an important purpose. They are held to review business performance and to make important decisions. They are also used to discuss future strategies and goals, as well as allowing shareholders to share the public opinion on matters. The meetings can be small events just for company executives or on a large scale for many thousands of shareholders.

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