Choosing the right wedding dress

Choosing and buying your wedding dress is one of the best and most important decisions you’ll ever make. That’s why every bride to be wants to find the perfect dress. The pressure to find ‘the one’ can be as stressful as finding the right person to marry though! Here are some mistakes to avoid when shopping for that all-important bridal gown:

  1. Trust the consultant

Every bride wants to look incredible on their wedding day and most already have a strong idea of what type of dress they want. However, the dress you dream of might not be the right style for you. Don’t ignore the advice of the bridal consultants. They do this day in, day out and will know what they’re talking about. Your dress needs to suit your personality, your venue choice, have the right silhouette for photos by a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer and compliment your shape. Listen to the experts and let them help guide you to a dress that was made for you.

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  1. Don’t sacrifice your individual style

Having said that, don’t be swayed too far from your own unique sense of style. If you have a quirky dress sense, then you’ll want your dress to reflect your personality. Listen to expert advice but also don’t compromise too far on anything that you really feel strongly about. Remember that you’ll see this dress in all your photos forever more. Have your wedding photos taken by

  1. Keep an open-mind

Don’t immediately dismiss certain styles or designs. Whilst you’ve got a good idea of what you want, it can be beneficial to try on something different as well. You might learn something new and be surprised at what suits you and what doesn’t. Many brides end up with a style completely opposite to what they originally thought they wanted once they begin trying on different styles.

  1. Don’t ignore your budget

Yes, you want the dress of your dreams but not at the expense of your budget. Don’t try anything on that you can’t afford in case you fall in love and then suffer the heartache of not having the budget.

  1. Don’t get hung up over sizing

Different designers have different sizing, so if one size fits you in one boutique but won’t look at you in another, don’t stress about it. Concentrate on whether something fits or not and ignore the label.

  1. Avoid rash decisions

Even if you think you’ve found the dream dress with the first one you try on, it always pays to try on a few more so you can be sure. You want to rule out the possibility that it was the rush of excitement that made you fall for the first dress. If it really is the one, you’ll know and trying on a few more won’t make any difference.

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  1. Remember to factor in lingerie

Remember to take a selection of underwear with you so you know it fits in with the dress you choose.

  1. Don’t try to please everyone

When you concentrate so hard on finding the perfect dress, you can forget who you’re buying it for. Don’t try to please everyone or even take too many people with to the dress fittings. There are so many beautiful dresses that are easy to fall in love with, but remember to look at ‘you’ in the dress.

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