Unwanted Neighbors: Getting Rid Of Pigeons On The Balcony

Unwanted Neighbors: Getting Rid Of Pigeons On The Balcony

Happy residents of the upper floors of multi-story buildings are deprived of the opportunity to listen to the tramp of their neighbors above. But very often they are disturbed by other annoying “feathered neighbors” – pigeons. Although the pigeon is considered a symbol of peace, the neighborhood on the balcony with the annoying bird is not always pleasant, and all the safer.

Unwanted Neighbors: Getting Rid Of Pigeons On The Balcony

What are dangerous neighborhood pigeons?

Birds living on the roof cause inconvenience by cooing and clattering claws on the windowsills. But even those who like to listen to pigeon trills cannot but annoy their copiously scattered feathers and down, as well as a large amount of litter.

It is worth noting that pigeons are not so harmless. These wild birds are a carrier of many infections that are very dangerous for adults and even more so for children. Ornithosis, encephalitis and many other diseases can easily become infected if you do not get rid of the neighborhood with pigeons.

In addition, in pigeon feces contains uric acid, which eats away when hit on the surface of paint, varnish and other coatings. Bird feathers and down also bring a lot of trouble to the residents of the upper floors: more often you have to carry out not only dry but also wet cleaning.

Unwanted Neighbors: Getting Rid Of Pigeons On The Balcony

If you had to deal with this problem, you can get ready for the fact that on your balcony there will almost always be not only noise, confusion but also an unpleasant smell and even stench. Therefore, it is necessary as soon as possible to start taking the necessary measures to scare away pigeons from loggias and balconies – thus you will save your home and property from unnecessary damage, and it will be much easier and faster to restore order.

Ways to fight the birds settled on the balcony

The article suggests various ways to get rid of feathered neighbors. After reviewing the proposed options, you can always choose the most suitable and effective. You should always start with the most simple and innocuous ways, but if you do not manage to wean the pigeons to fly to the balcony and annoy with your presence, then you can safely move on to radical actions.

A harmless and at the same time very effective way to drive the birds out of the loggia is to use bright and noisy objects. These can be discs hung on threads or pieces of foil. Rays of sunlight will be reflected from the shiny surface and thereby scaring the pigeons, foil – rustling even from a small breeze, making a frightening and unpleasant noise to the pigeons. The tapes from video and audio cassettes also have the same annoying sounds. It is enough just to build curtains or vertical panicles from the ribbons – and you are guaranteed permanent rustling.Unwanted Neighbors: Getting Rid Of Pigeons On The Balcony

You can try to include on the balcony a tape recorder with loud music, or even better – with the recording of the voice of a caw of a crow. The pigeons will not even fly to the place from which loud annoying sounds will come. The only thing is that after applying this method to discourage the pigeons, you may have unnecessary reasons for quarreling with your neighbors – not everyone around you is ready to listen to streaming music all day long, and even fewer crows cawing.

While in the room, and only noticing the arrival of uninvited guests, direct the light from the laser pointer at them. The bright beam is very annoying to the birds, and they fly away immediately.Unwanted Neighbors: Getting Rid Of Pigeons On The Balcony

As a pigeon repeller, a water pistol is very effective and true. To wean the birds from sitting and laying their nests on the balcony, direct a tight stream of water at the pigeons. If you do not have such toy weapons, you can use a homemade device. Take a plastic bottle, fill it with water and make a few small holes in the lid and sharply pressing the bottle, arrange the shelling of uninvited guests.

Weaning pigeons to land on window sills and balconies can be done by brushing the railing and the surface on which the pigeons sit with petroleum jelly or other means from which the birds will slide their paws. For these purposes, suitable old expired cream, confectionery fat and other compositions. No less effective is the sticky substance (for example, sugar syrup). In this case, bird’s paws will stick to the surface, thereby delivering feathered discomfort. Next time the pigeons will not want to fly to this place.Unwanted Neighbors: Getting Rid Of Pigeons On The Balcony

The construction of various fences and obstacles can help to escape from the pigeon invasion. Try to make special spikes from wire and place them on the places where birds usually sit. Such designs will make it impossible for the landing of birds.

Pigeons off the balcony can harsh smells of spices. Birds do not tolerate the aroma of cloves, cinnamon, vanilla or pepper. Sprinkle seasoning on your loggia for some time – and uninvited guests will fly around your dwelling.

Unwanted Neighbors: Getting Rid Of Pigeons On The Balcony

Now you will not have questions about the fight against annoying feathered guests. Choosing for yourself a suitable method of dealing with pigeons, you can be sure about the health of your loved ones and the cleanliness of your home.

Author: Roger Walker

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