Alternative uses for your garage

Garages offer excellent additional space for a remarkable variety of uses. Here is a look at some of the ways you can make the most of the space.

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First things first

Before you commence your garage project, make sure you do your research first. We recommend taking the following steps:
• Check with your local council to make sure you are not contravening any planning laws
• Make sure your project won’t cause any problems for your neighbours
• Discuss the project with your family; each member may have different views on what the space should be used for
• Consider whether you will need water, electricity, heat, lighting, new flooring, sound proofing and insulation

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Ideas for the space

A sewing space: It has become fashionable to make clothes, curtains and soft furnishings, and your garage space could make an excellent sewing workshop. You could also set up sewing classes for family and friends.

A tool area: A garage is the perfect space to store your tools; add garage shelving to keep them safe, secure and handy to access.

A play space: Create an area for your little ones to enjoy. You don’t need to go to the expense of building an outdoor play area; you can create one in your garage with bean bags and toys. That way, the rooms in your house will remain uncluttered and your children will have their own space.

A craft shop: Do you like arts and crafts and creating bespoke gifts? If so, your garage could be converted into a craft shop. Shelving and racking is a must if you wish to stay on top of your creations; check out sites like

An office or small business space: If you work from home, a designated work area should be at the top of your list. Otherwise, the boundaries between the personal and professional will become blurred and encourage a feeling of chaos and non-productivity. Instead, consider turning your garage into a home office and set it up as though you were working in an office.

A man/woman cave: That’s all that needs to be said!

A yoga or dance studio: Consider turning the space into a relaxation or dance den.

A greenhouse or potting shed: For the green-fingered gardener, your garage space could be the perfect place to grow plants and herbs.

Author: Kei Taylor

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