Tips For Caring For The Body In Winter

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Wishing as long as possible to save data by nature or overworked work acquired beauty and youth, fragile and beautiful ladies carefully take care of themselves. But the accent is most often done on the face and hair, probably because they are always under the targeting critical views of others. But the body can be hidden behind elegant things. This we use, often giving a minimum of time to care for the body. Therefore, today I would like to elaborate on it, on caring for the body in winter.Tips For Caring For The Body In Winter.

“I’ll warm my cold heart …”

On our skin, be it a person or body, wind, frost and constantly changing temperature have a disastrous effect. Long-term wearing of multi-layer clothing can lead to irritation on the skin. Therefore, we should more carefully approach the choice of fabrics for a winter wardrobe, wear warm scarves, hats, and gloves, and also actively use protective cosmetics for hands, face and body.

“There is no truth at the feet …”

And we will argue with this statement. The legs are right! Our legs patiently endure all the load exerted by numerous clothes and shoes. Do not skimp on yourself, choose shoes from natural materials, so that your feet are warm and dry in the autumn-winter period. Without fail, before going to bed, you should give a few minutes to relaxing procedures, whether it’s baths, massages or rubbing. The variety of creams and essential oils offered in stores will turn this procedure into a fantastic relaxation.

“It is necessary to be pumped up,” or physical exercises.

It should not be expected that voluminous winter clothing can hide our shortcomings. In winter we consume more food than in the summer. Do not be afraid, it’s absolutely normal. One should only pay attention to the qualitative composition of its plate: there must be the necessary amount of slow carbohydrates, protein and fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Tips For Caring For The Body In Winter.

A sport will cope with excess calories, strengthen immunity and just give a good mood and interesting pastime. Exercise improves blood circulation, and, therefore, the skin will better absorb nutrients and keep a fresh and resilient appearance.

Moisturizing the skin.

It is necessary to do procedures for moisturizing and nourishing the skin in order to avoid airing, dryness, and irritation. Nourishing masks, moisturizing creams, oils or herbal teas saturate our skin with nutrients. And the water balance is maintained at the normal level.

How to care for the skin of the body.

Just like skin care, skin care should be done in several stages. And the first stage will be purification. Do not make the water in the shower very hot or very cold. To activate blood circulation and metabolism, and also to remove dead skin cells, rub out with a stiff washcloth. You need to do this from the bottom up in a circular motion. But foam baths and shower gels greatly dry the skin, so if you use this product, then take the one that contains the fat components.

Tips For Caring For The Body In Winter.

Cleansing smoothly flows into a deep cleansing. Here in the course is “heavy artillery” – a body scrub. It is coarser than face scrub, so when applying, be careful not to damage the delicate skin. Scrubs should not be abused, use them not more often 2-3 times a week.

After the scrub, you should always use moisturizing and nourishing cosmetics. They should have a lot of nutrients and oils, they should be well absorbed and do not leave greasy marks on the linen or bed. Gels, creams, mousses, oils, and balms – choose what you like.

Allow yourself a little luxury.

Yes! Sometimes you can pamper yourself with a favorite and afford yourself a beauty treatment for the body. Here the assortment is also great and the choice will depend only on your budget.

Tips For Caring For The Body In Winter.

Wrapping procedures are very popular, with their help the skin of the body receives nutrition and hydration. Cleansing salon procedures will give the skin a healthy radiant look, and a massage with oils will not only relieve tension and stress but also moisturize your skin.

“We will not parry …”

Let’s go! We will definitely! If you do not have any contraindications to visit the sauna or sauna, be sure, at least once a month, to do bath procedures.

Such visits will not only purify the body of toxins but also improve the appearance of the skin. Here you can use natural ingredients: honey, salt, coffee, and clay. As a result, you get a comprehensive skin care for the body. And the effectiveness of such care is much higher than from the usual moisturizing cream at home at room temperature.

Lovely ladies! Remember: whichever way you take care of yourself and the skin you have not chosen, the main thing is that you do this regularly and with love for yourself!

Author: Roger Walker

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