Gentle Care For Lips In Winter

Gentle Care For Lips In Winter

To make our sponges look and feel good at any time of the year, we need to not only care for lips about leaving but also to do it regularly. Lip care is a combination of optimal moisturizing with regular nutrition, and to understand if moisture is enough for your lips – listen to your senses. The lack of moisture is characterized by dryness and even burning, but it is absolutely necessary to carry out moistening procedures at home since liquid substances in the frost are insidious. The skin on the lips is very gentle and it is easy for it to cause mechanical damage. And since it does not have fatty tissue, the aging process, if not maintained, occurs very quickly.

Gentle Care For Lips In Winter

Based on this rule in the winter, it is not recommended to apply moisturizing lipstick or shine. And it is better to fill the body with water, drinking 1.5 liters of water daily, thus helping the skin cells fill with water.

What to choose: nourishing lipstick or cream?

The composition and texture of the lipstick are different from the usual cream, but in winter, you should pay attention to the chemical composition of the core product. Ideally, you need to work and protect complexly and focus on formulas – mitigation, nutrition, and hydration. A good option for care – hygienic lipstick on an oil base, but among the variety of creams, you can choose this way of care.

Gentle Care For Lips In Winter

The main thing that the cream contained a high concentration of nutrient oils and organic compounds, that is, had a natural basis. Such products will perfectly protect the lips from frost and temperature changes, and also create a protective film on the lips, which will protect them from accidental mechanical damage, infections and harmful emissions.

Immediate rules

  • Do not leave the house without applying lip liners or protective oil cream
  • Lip massage is an excellent means of increasing blood circulation. Make it a rule to massage your lips daily with a soft brush or fingertips, so you will increase the effectiveness of any cosmetic product
  • if cracks formed in the front, do not lick your lips in any way trying to soften them. Go to the premises and apply baby cream or balm.
  • exclude from the make-up in the winter super-resistant lipsticks, since the active substances in the composition of such products overdry the delicate skin of the lips

Gentle Care For Lips In Winter

We take care for lips at home

Nutrition and moisturizing can be applied not only with the help of special cosmetics. Lips, as well as face and hair, need home care and the people have many ways to care for lips. Masks are applied to the cleansed face skin (in this case the lips) and hold for 10-15 minutes, then flushing the contents.

To cleanse the lips from keratinized cells, use a mild home-made peeling. Make a mixture of olive oil and sugar in a 1: 1 ratio. Apply on the lips and massage, then rinse with warm water.

To moisturize the lips, you can lubricate them with any cosmetic oil. It can be – castor, sea-buckthorn, tea tree oil.

Well-fed lips curd mask. Spoon a teaspoon of cottage cheese with a teaspoon of cream, then apply and wash off. The mask of their natural fruit acids – apple grate on the grater and add a teaspoon of butter – the cleansing effect is obvious.

Gentle Care For Lips In Winter

The paraffin mask gives a soothing effect, especially after a long stay on the street. But first, lubricate the lips with vegetable oil and check the paraffin for the degree of heating, so as not to burn yourself.

If the lips are still worn out, then the first help is the following – a teaspoon of beeswax + chamomile broth + a teaspoon of Vaseline + a teaspoon of cocoa butter. Ingredients mix in a water bath and beat in a thick ointment. The resulting product should be stored in the refrigerator and lubricated at night and immediately after the street.

A great way to recover is the melted lard. It does not sound too poetic, but the effect is stunning. In equal proportions, mix fat and honey and apply on the lips in the evening, and after a couple of days, you will not recognize them. This is an old Russian nursing recipe and not just for the skin of the lips.

Follow the rules of care for lips and your beauty will be safe!


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