Ten Post Lockdown Habits to Avoid

Habits form a critical part of an individual’s existence, and they also define the character of a person. Checking thesis writing services for valuable insights, smoking, jogging every morning to sleeping late among others can form a routine that an individual’s character can get judged upon. A habit implies the things you do continuously daily to the extent that you can’t feel complete without doing them. Habits can either prove useful or destructive to the individual.

The global COVID-19 health pandemic has disrupted and confined almost seven billion people into their homes due to lockdown and other public health restrictions. It has proven a significant disruptor of routines people were accustomed to earlier pre-lockdown. In as much as it has brought grief, hardship, and pain, the situation has a silver lining in that it has disrupted unhealthy habits among a large proportion of the population.

Post-Lockdown Habits to Avoid

Most countries and, in extension, individuals have started to emerge from the lockdown situation. With this, individuals must find fresh ways to live their lives because of the massive change in the way of life that the pandemic has enforced. Some of the unhealthy habits individuals should avoid the following.

  • Living life on autopilot

Living a life of routine doing the same things every day should not satisfy any person. Avoid getting used to things like Netflix or Instagram and take in other productive things like music or writing. Limitless opportunities and freedom exist out there.

  • You need to avoid scheduling every minute and day of your life to work and instead exploit the spontaneity that is critical in living a life full of fulfillment.
  • Self-focus. The root cause for all evil in the world stems from selfishness that comes with self-focus. Avoid concentrating on your wants and needs, which often leads to neglect of friends and family and, instead, start appreciating family members and friends.
  • Tolerating tasks that prove low in value

It is vital to start tolerating tasks of high value going forward and avoid wasting time on trivial things that don’t add a lot of value. Time is an essential resource, and using it wisely determines how successful we become.

  • Avoid the pattern of negative thoughts that deprives you of the joy in life and, instead, start thinking positively to live a fulfilling life free of depression, stress, and anxiety. Completely shun any negative thoughts.
  • It is a common word that floats around and which afflicts many individuals. It is the main enemy of progress and can rob an individual of lawful relationships, joy, and dreams. Employ counter procrastination measures to proceed productively.
  • Taking things for granted

Regular leads to incidences of taking essential things for granted. After the extraordinary times, individuals have to appreciate everything going forward, including health, freedom to move outside freely, etc.

  • Taking everything too seriously

It would help if you learned to accept setbacks in life without thinking of them so seriously to the extent of adding misery and pain. Accept setbacks, laugh, and find better ways to improve your situation.

  • Wasteful spending. The lockdown and stay at home directive have shown critical areas that waste money for no apparent reason. Spend reasonably going forward and enjoy life with loved ones as expensive doesn’t always bring joy.
  • Staying apolitical

Many people view politics as something terrible because of its poor rap. Politicians distort and co-opt systems to the disadvantage of the majority. However, politics can prove useful as it organizes the limited resources and society. The pandemic, coupled with the movement of BLM, has depicted the benefit if sound leadership.  It is, therefore, vital to get actively engaged with the political happenings around the country and have a say on the kind of leadership you want.


The pandemic and time at home have effectively led to introspection and self-evaluation when it comes to our habits. The realization of the need to cut out negative habits and embrace new and positive ones going forward will lead to a lot of lifestyle changes not only in the immediate but future work, social, economic, and political aspects of humans. The choice, however, lies with every individual.

Author: Kei Taylor

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