What Should Fishermen Wear?

Things have definitely changed for the better in terms of clothing and equipment for fishing over the last few decades. In order to be able to wear whatever you want when you go out and fish, it can be pretty expensive, especially as a hobby. However, you will still have to pay attention to what you wear and make sure that your attire doesn’t detract from your ability to fish. You’ll want comfortable clothing that won’t hinder the way you fish.

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For this reason, fishing clothing has gone through a lot of changes. First of all, it’s possible to get these items at any department store, but they aren’t usually designed well. You can usually tell whether they are designed well or not. A lot of them are made from cotton or polyester, and they often don’t have any kind of protection to keep the person dry and warm. If you are in cold water, as most of it is in the UK, then you probably don’t want to expose yourself to the cold either.

You might not think woollen clothing is suitable for water-based activities, but did you know that the Aran jumper originally contained lanolin which was water-repellent? Therefore, they highly popular with Irish fishermen. It kept them warm and dry. For Aran Sweaters, go to Shamrock Gift.

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Other essentials include a hat, sunglasses, and possibly a towel or two. Good solid shoes or trainers and a fishing vest with multiple pockets will also be extremely useful.

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