The Impact of Covid 19 on the Racking and Shelving Market

Covid 19 continues to have a huge effect on almost every aspect of the global economy and indeed on most people’s very way of life itself. But what challenges has Covid 19 presented to the racking and shelving market specifically?

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The vast majority of major manufacturers in the racking and shelving market utilise the lower labour costs of the Asia Pacific region for product manufacturing, meaning their goods can be cheaper on the shelves, if you’ll pardon the pun! As the Asian region was the initial area of the disease outbreak, many governments in these countries were among the first to halt economic activity such as manufacturing, leading to a shortfall in supply of goods, including racking and shelving.


Products manufactured in countries such as China are then distributed across the world to retail suppliers. This global supply chain has suffered heavily since the outbreak of Covid19 as logistics carriers struggle to navigate the ever changing environment of restrictions on freight, travel and trade. The majority of racking and shelving products travel via sea freight in shipping containers. This has been able to continue relatively unabated during the outbreak, avoiding some of the supply chain delays which have affected other perishable goods. Air freight, in particular, has been heavily delayed due to the huge volume of flight cancellations.

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Retail Demand

Conversely, although overall retail demand has suffered globally, due to the majority of people being confined to their homes during lockdown, the home improvements market has fared better than others. Most of the construction industry has also continued apace, meaning commercial demand has remained relatively high also. To meet this demand for racking and shelving Ireland has a number of excellent retailers such as Rackzone. Search for shelving in Ireland from Rackzone today.

Although the Coronavirus outbreak continues to be a developing challenge to the racking and shelving market, manufacturers and retailers are continuing to meet demand whilst offering some great deals and sales, so now might be a fantastic time to reconsider your storage needs or even attempt a new project. Equally, the change to predominantly working from home may be a great opportunity for many employers to restructure how they do business. This coming winter is sure to present more uncertain times, so take a look at your needs today.

Author: Kei Taylor

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