Skincare tips for a long haul flight

Travelling half-way across the world is a fabulous experience, but those long-haul flights can play havoc with your skin. The air in the cabin is drying and draining on your skin. If you want to get off the plane feeling fresh and ready for your holiday adventure, there are some tips to keeping your skin looking super.

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Dare to Go Bare

The first thing you will do is to ditch the make-up. It won’t last the long flight anyway, but your skin needs to be bare. You can use cleansing wipes which are lightweight rather than pack your usual make-up remover. However, do pack a facial spray and use regularly. This will hydrate your skin while also acting as a barrier between your face and that dry recycled air. If you are self conscious about travelling without make up why not book an appointment with an Eyelash Extensions Gloucester company a couple of days before you leave and treat yourself to a spot of pampering.

Put on a Face Mask

If you are brave enough and do not worry what your neighbours think, this really is a good time to put on a moisturising facial mask. If you can’t see yourself wearing a mask in public, then apply a facial oil to provide an instant glow and make your skin feel plumper.

Getting Lippy with It

You’ll also want to prevent your lips from drying or chapping. We’d suggest using a stick rather than a pot for hygiene reasons and simplicity. You can get long-lasting lip balms which may not need reapplying and will also provide a lovely matt base for when you apply your lipstick upon landing at your destination.

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Keeping Fresh

You should keep a few essentials in your cabin luggage to keep you fresh throughout the entire flight. These could include items like moisturiser, toothpaste and toothbrush, facial wipes and antiperspirant. These Nivea travel kits are available for men and women, so everyone can feel and smell fresh throughout the entire flight.

Upon Landing

While waiting for the cabin doors to open upon arrival, you could apply a serum to soothe and rehydrate your skin. If you’re going somewhere hot, now is also a good time to apply the sunscreen. Put on a bit of lip gloss and run a comb through your hair to make an impact when you arrive at your holiday resort.


Author: Kei Taylor

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