What sort of dentist do I need?

It is easy to think that all dentists are the same – they look after and repair our teeth. But there are in fact different levels of dentistry and what sorts of treatments that the professional offers can also differ. The treatment options are numerous and year after year new ways in which to look after the health of our teeth as well as their overall appearance are developed.

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All dentists will look after your teeth in terms of the health, development and continuing care that may be needed. Cosmetic dentists will look at the aesthetics of your teeth and ways in which this can be enhanced. Orthodontists are different again in that they will look at the alignment of the teeth and may work with a patient for a number of months in ways in which that the teeth can be straightened. This work sometimes crosses over with cosmetic dentists who may offer treatments such as invisible and removable braces for adults. Check out this trusted orthodontist in Washington DC who will help you achieve that beautiful smile.

Here is a brief explanation of the areas that different types of dentists will focus on.

General dentist – this cover your standard dentist that will spend the majority of their time looking at the overall health of your teeth and will have also looked at the development of your children’s teeth over time. They look for the potential for problems in the future and deal with these as soon as possible to help prevent the issue from developing further. The kinds of treatments including repairing teeth, check ups and fillings as well as root canal work and removing teeth if necessary as well as tooth whitening options.

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Cosmetic dentist – theses dentists will also be concerned with the overall health of your teeth but they tend to be more concerned with the aesthetics and appearance of your teeth. This could include similar treatments to those offered in general dentistry such as teeth whitening but will also include smile makeovers, veneers and implants like those offered by Dental Implants Cardiff clinic https://cathedraldentalclinic.com/dental-implant-cardiff-2/ The cosmetic dentist that you choose will discuss the options available to you in your intiial appointment along with finding out what your desired overcome is.

All dentists regardless of how they practice and the treatments that they offer will be registered with the General Dentist Council and you should ensure that you always seek the advice of a practitioner that is registered with them.

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