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Breathing life into your home’s interior needs lighting to make it sparkle. Lighting establishes the atmosphere and creates the mind-set inside your home, including zoning out different areas, providing task lighting and highlighting special features. Here are some top tips when it comes to illuminating your home:

1.       What is the purpose of the lighting?

It’s imperative to consider the function of a room when you need to plan inspiring lighting for it. For kitchens, you’ll need to position task lighting for over worktops for instance. Study rooms and homework offices will profit by natural daylights for optimal visibility when finishing working. Divider lights and an illuminated mirror in the washroom gives great all-round light for different tasks and ablutions, such as unwinding in the tub, with dimmable lights to doing your hair in the mirror under task lighting.

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2.       Try a little 3D thinking

When you think of lights, you probably think of them in terms of the same format you’ve always known. However, it is possible to add in exciting texture by installing lights at different angles, for example. Installing lights at an acute angle to surfaces creates different moods. The same applies to directional lights, which can produce differing light levels between the floor and ceiling. Directional lighting will need to be considered carefully as such highlights can reveal uneven surfaces or other features you might prefer to disguise! 

3.       Accent the positives

Everyone has certain areas of their homes which they love and you can use lighting to draw focus to these best bits, like unique architecture or cherished furniture, for example. Alternatively, use it to take the attention away from those parts that you don’t like so much. For highlighting ornaments or pieces of art, think about using narrow lighting beams. For architectural features like arches, consider installing spotlights from the floor. Do some research as there are many smart ways of using lighting to highlight objects, no matter if your décor is classic or contemporary. Be sure to complete the look with stylish ceiling roses from creative cables

4. Hidden lighting

It is possible and much-desired to foster a sense of mystery and mood by using hidden or concealed lighting. Strip lighting can be positioned on the underside of cabinets, emitting a delightful warm glow across the lower room. The same strip lighting can be applied to the tops of cupboards, lighting up the worktops underneath so you can cook without dealing with any uncomfortable glare.

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5.       Energy-saving

Energy-saving bulbs have developed hugely over the last few years. Gone is the odd blue glare. Now, it’s all about warm glows and saving money. LED lighting uses much less energy than old-style light bulbs, saving you money in the long term.  

6.       Add layers with floor-standing lamps

Once you’ve installed your task and overhead lighting, don’t overlook the benefits of additional layered lighting with floor or table lamps. These provide options, allowing you to adjust your light levels depending on your mood.


Author: Kei Taylor

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