Six Types of Commercial Refrigeration

Being able to keep food chilled is the most important part of running a food business, whether you run a restaurant, coffee shop, manufacturer or just a corner shop selling sandwiches. It’s vital that the appropriate commercial refrigeration is chosen, and with lots of options available, it’s important to understand exactly the requirements of your business.

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1. Under-Counter Refrigeration

If space is at a premium, then being able to utilise the space under a counter can be very useful. It’s efficient both in terms of storage and also in accessing stock quickly. It’s becoming such a popular option that there are so many different models that showcase various features, so there is bound to be something to suit.

2. Upright Refrigerators

An upright refrigerator is the most recognised type of refrigeration, as it’s the closest to the domestic version we have in our own kitchens. They work well in many commercial kitchens because they offer lots of chilled storage space in a small footprint, so they can be put in a corner without taking up much space.

They are flexible because they offer adjustable horizontal shelving, making it easy to organise stock. Opting for a glass door refrigerator from specialist retailers like helps businesses make the most of their fridge because stock is visible. That can save time in a commercial kitchen. And in front of house, they make stock visible and available to potential customers.

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3. Horizontal Fridges

For storing larger items, a horizontal refrigerator is a sensible choice; they have a great capacity and are cheaper to run than a freezer room.

4. Walk-in Fridges

If you run a business – a restaurant with a large number of covers, for example – then you might want to consider investing in a walk-in fridge or freezer room. They are great when larger amounts of food will require safe storage.

For more information on safe chilled food storage, see the Food Storage and Distribution Federation.

5. Display

For coffee shops in particular, refrigerated display cabinets can be a great asset. They show off the food at its best and make it accessible to customers.

6. Preparation Tables

Preparing food on-site, such as sandwiches or salads, can be made very efficient by having a chilled prep area.

Understanding your requirements will help you make the right choice for your commercial refrigeration.


Author: Kei Taylor

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