Sex Toys 101: A Beginners’s Guide

Sex Toys 101: A Beginners’s Guide

February 25, 2022 0 By Kei Taylor

While we may have read or heard about sex toys, many of us might be novices when it comes to having used or bought one ever. The desire to purchase a sex toy might be one of your many wildsecrets for a long now. So, in case you’re seeking that added pleasure and are yet unsure what exactly to go for, this article is here to guide you through all that.

  • Dildos: A dildo is a long, cylindrical sex toy that resembles a penis in its most basic form. Fortunately, the dildo’s frightening penis-centric image has been converted into a rainbow of shapes, sizes, and colours. People still buy authentic-looking dildos, but there are alternatives. The unique feature of dildos is that they do not vibrate.

What is the difference between a vibrator and a shaker? They vibrate, as you might expect. Vibrators are the most subtle and intricate category of sex toys because there are so many varied shapes and sizes. Depending on their shape and size, they are intended for either external or internal use (or both).

  • Anal toys-

For one major reason, anal toys are placed in their own category: safety. The anus has two rings: one on the outside (you can flex when you tighten your butthole) and the inside one (which we can’t flex). The inner ring has incredible sucking strength, and it can easily pull objects up and away. Anal toys are made expressly to escape this trap: They have a flared base meant to be used as a stopper.

  • Anal plugs have the appearance of, well, plugs. The base of butt plugs is flared. You should never wear anything that doesn’t have a flared base up your bum. To avoid being ‘sucked up’ into the anal canal, they are usually tear-shaped with a wide base. They are available in both vibrating and non-vibrating varieties and various materials such as silicon, glass, and others.
  • Anal beads come in a string of beads, similar to those seen on a bracelet. The goal is to place the beads one at a time into the nerve-rich anal orifice to stimulate it. You (or a partner) can remove the anal beads one at a time when you’re about to orgasm. This can heighten your senses. Make a mental note to always choose anal beads with a flared bottom to avoid losing them up your bum.
  • Penis Toys-

It’s crucial to understand penis toys before using them, yet they pose fewer risks. A penis ring will not be lost up your urethra the way a non-anal dildo could be lost up a tight sphincter.

  • C-rings are blood-flow-restricting rings that go around the base of the penis. This can aid in better climax control, longer erections, and more intense orgasms. Make sure the c-ring you’re using is made of medical-grade or body-safe silicone. To reduce friction, use a dependable, water-based lubricant. When utilising one, do not use it for more than 20 minutes at a stretch, as this can result in harm.
  • Masturbation sleeves are exactly what they sound like: a sleeve designed for masturbation. Its most basic model, the Fleshlight, may be known. The Fleshlight is made to resemble a vaginal or anus opening. It has a horrible record for being sleazy and strange, but I attribute this to the general culture’s shame surrounding sex. Men, like other penis owners, are entitled to pleasure and orgasms. Plus, you won’t have to buy a filthy toy any longer. Let the good times roll!

Now that the wildsecrets have been unleashed, it’s time for you to do a bit of sex-ploration, don’t you think?

Then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make that ideal purchase for yourself!