Looking Forward to Spring – Signs of the Season to Look out for at this Time of Year

Spring is here at last and although the weather is still a little on the wintery side at times, and we have had some very bad winter storms, we can now rest assured that the weather looks to be improving, and signs of the spring are all around us.

For keen gardeners this is a really busy time of the year – getting plants in the ground, getting the right treatments to keep the plants healthy like this black spot on roses remedy https://greenacresdirect.co.uk/sulphur-rose-black-spot-on-roses-remedy.html and getting all of your tools and pots at the ready are all things that are part and parcel if this time of the year.

As well as in the garden, nature is starting to come to life all around us. This is a great time of year to get outdoors and explore the natural world as it starts to spring into life. The weather in spring is famously changeable, so you might want to wear layers and be prepared for everything that the British weather can throw at you, but it is worth it to be out at this glorious time of the year.

Here are some of the things to look out for…

Daffodils – One of the most loved signs of the spring, these sunny flowers with their beautiful yellow blooms are a favourite sight to see on a walk at this time of the year. There are many places in the UK where you can go to see lots of them, such as Cumbria or Dymock which both have popular daffodil walks that you can enjoy. There are also many National Trust properties which have beautiful displays of daffodils in the Spring, so have a look for some near you and plan a visit to see them.

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Bird Activity – As the warmer weather begins to get underway, birds become a lot more active. Many birds at this time of the year are looking for a mate, so you will likely notice increased birdsong. Nest building activities will also be underway as they prepare a safe place to rear their young. You can help with this by putting nest boxes up in your garden, and also you could fill a bird feeder with hair, such as dog or cat hair from grooming, to give them a material to use for their nests.

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Trees – As well as the flowers, the trees are starting to come back to life. Look out for the catkins early in the spring, as well as the buds that are starting to form on many trees. Early spring blossoms will also be starting to come out now – the Blackthorn blossom is one of the first to arrive, it appears on the tree before the leaves do, so look out for swathes of white in the hedgerows.

Author: Kei Taylor

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