Quick and Easy Food and Drink Pranks You Can Try at Home

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Ever find yourself sitting around at home feeling a bit bored? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to make you, your siblings, and your parents have a good laugh? Maybe you’ve played games, watched films, checked out random videos on YouTube, and shared some jokes, but you want to do something different this time.

Why not find a prank calling app and set up a trick involving your family or whip up some of your culinary creations in the kitchen? Better yet, why not enjoy both activities and combine these two to make food and drink-related pranks?

From exerting some effort in preparing the food and drinks to making a simple switch of materials, here are a couple of food and drink-related pranks that you can try at home:

Apple Fries

Invite your family members for a snack time, promising some fried potato goodness, but the only goodness they’ll be biting into is the goodness that apples have to offer.

This prank only takes three simple steps:

Step 1 – Wash the apples and carefully peel the apple skin.

Step 2 – Slice the apples as you would do to make thick-cut potato fries.

Step 3 – Transfer the apple slices to your preferred plate or container and serve.

You can really sell this by placing the apple slices in an empty French fries container (just in case you recently had take-outs from your go-to fast food restaurant) or serving it next to some ketchup. Yum!

Savory Chocolate

This prank takes less effort than usual but is great for a quick laugh. All you need is some chocolate nuggets (or any chocolate with a similar shape) and a bouillon cube. So if you’ve just finished eating dinner with your family, and you all have some space left for a quick dessert, bring out some chocolate!

There are two ways you can do this. The first way requires little to no preparation. Just open your pack of chocolate nuggets, take a bouillon cube (don’t take off the wrapper!), and mix it with the other chocolates in the pack. Now just pass around the bag and have a nice laugh when one of your family members fishes out a savory cube.

For the second one, you can take the prank a step further by eating a piece of chocolate first and keeping the nugget’s wrapper. Instead of just adding a cube variety to the pack, use the chocolate wrapper and wrap it around the bouillon cube. Then go ahead and watch the surprised (or disappointed) face when one of your family members unwraps a piece of “chocolate.”

The Switch (Cookies Version)

Do you have a sister or brother who isn’t the biggest fan of oatmeal raisin cookies? Great! This one’s for them. Just make sure that they’re not allergic to any cookie ingredients!

For this prank, you’d need a batch of both chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies. While they’re busy watching TV, surfing the internet, doing chores, or others, switch the contents of your cookie containers, placing the oatmeal ones inside the chocolate chip container and vice versa. You can then be a good sibling and offer them the cookies, giving them the option to choose one over the other, and watch the look of regret plastered on their faces.

The Switch (Candy and Chocolate Version)

Some prefer candies over chocolates, while others prefer chocolates over sweets. Or perhaps you just want one over another on a particular day. Whatever the situation, it would feel odd popping a couple of colorful candies expecting the fruity flavors to burst and instead taste the sweetness of chocolate. That’s exactly what you’re going to be doing here!

If you’ve got a bag of Skittles and M&M’s (any other pieces of candy or chocolate that look similar would work too), make a small opening and empty their contents in separate bowls. After that, go ahead and switch the contents – putting the Skittles in the M&M’s bag and putting the M&M’s in the Skittles bag. Then, offer either to your family member and catch their faces of confusion when they taste the rainbow (or not).

Not Carbonated ‘Carbonated Drink’

Staying aligned to the “change the original content” kind of prank, you can do something similar with beverages if you don’t want to go with cookies or candies and chocolates. Picture a hot day when a cold bottle of soda is just what you need, only to take a huge gulp and taste whatever it is that water tastes like—still refreshing? Sure. Refreshing with a hint of dismay? Most probably.

To proceed, all you need to do is empty the contents of a colorless soda into a glass then fill the soda bottle with cold water. I suggest that you take the cap off your non-carbonated drink as or before you serve it to your family member so that they won’t hear the lack of excess gas rushing out of the bottle.

Jelly Juice

Think of jello shots without the alcohol but make it bigger. Also, you need to serve this one with the intention of giving it as juice. What you’ll need is a clear glass, your preferred gelatin mix (get one that resembles the color that you’d want the juice to be), water, and a straw.

Follow the packaging instructions to create your jello. Once that’s done, pour it into the transparent glass, let it cool for just a bit, then add the straw. Put this glass in the refrigerator and let it chill for about four hours or until the jello sets. Once it’s good and you’ve served it to your family, sit back and relax as they frustratingly attempt to drink the “juice” you’ve prepared specially for them.

These are just a couple of pranks that you can pull off at home. If you’ve got other fun ideas involving food and drinks, go ahead and try them out! Just make sure to keep your pranks light and harmless!

Author: Kei Taylor

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