Padstow festival has Students work alongside professionals

Talented students from Eastleigh College recently helped the professionals at the Dingley Dell BBQ competition at Padstow’s famous food festival. The students returned to college with a prestigious award to add to their already sizeable collection.

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The competition, which takes place every year, was held at the Universal Cookery and Food Festival in Padstow and attracted large crowds. Level 2 and 3 catering students from the college lent a hand to top professional chefs Russell Bateman, Eric Snaith and Rob Kennedy, to help them woo the judges and watching crowds. This was the second consecutive year this team has won top prize in the competition, producing such tempting dishes as crab fritters and caramel crepes, to secure the award.

Professional catering experience

For the students, the competition was a fantastic opportunity to hone their skills alongside some experienced professionals, while showing how much they had learnt already during their time at the college. One of the students who took part in the contest, Rebecca, explained that she had thoroughly enjoyed the day and wouldn’t hesitate to take part again if she had the chance. She praised the chefs for teaching her new techniques and methods she hadn’t previously tried.

The students were also given the opportunity to work with professional standard catering equipment they wouldn’t usually have access to. The aim of the day was to give students confidence in their abilities and to give them an insight into the world of a catering professional.

So many people attended the event crowd control was often a problem and injuries could have occurred.  Also as it is a food festival people would of potentially consumed food and drink on the day so im sure the organisers would of got Events Medical Cover from links like  For your upcoming event make sure you cover yourself and your visitors to.

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If you like the idea of taking part in food festivals, the right equipment can make all the difference. Experienced and dedicated suppliers can help you put together everything you need to set up a new catering business, or to branch out into previously unexplored markets. Professional quality cabinets, for example, are a great way to keep your food at the perfect temperature until you are ready to serve it, and are an invaluable piece of catering equipment.

The Padstow Festival

The next Padstow Food Festival is an annual festival and takes place in December every year. The event will feature the same demonstrations, competitions and delicious food as the summer festival.

For the students of Eastleigh College, it might provide another chance for them to prove their talents in the kitchen.

Author: Kei Taylor

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