Minimalism Style Woman’s Clothes

Minimalism Style Woman’s Clothes

Contrary to popular belief, minimalism in clothes does not imply asceticism and is not considered as a way of saving. His followers get real pleasure, having a very small wardrobe. Is it possible? Yes, consider fashion-experts, but only if you choose the best. This direction is ideal for women who do not want to “chase” for current trends, to spend their time shopping and long fees in the morning.

It is preferred by self-confident individuals who are not looking for intricate ways to decorate their appearance. Minimalism is a concept that suggests limiting the number of things in a wardrobe to 20-30 positions, to then create a large number of combinations of them, each day remaining unpredictable and interesting. The main thing here is not to focus on modern fashion trends, but to choose things out of time. In this case, your outfit will always look amazing. Attention should also be paid to the compatibility of things with each other. It is rather difficult, but, as a rule, it stops from spontaneous acquisitions and eliminates subsequent disappointments.

Minimalism Style Woman’s Clothes

The best way to dress up effectively and stylishly.

The minimalist wardrobe is carefully thought out and strictly corresponds to the way of life. In the wardrobe, there may not be such basic elements as classic dark pants, turtleneck or snow-white shirt. At the same time, due to neutral colors, unpretentious cut, the supporters of this style are perfectly combined with each other. The wardrobe is dominated by sand-beige, gray, white, “anthracite”, powdered tones of blue, red, green. Silhouette – concise. Costume design is most often graphic and sometimes futuristic. In such products for girls are not supposed the presence of frills, bows, draperies, ruff, shuttlecocks. Even visible zippers – at least.

The concept of this trend is successfully embodied in their collections of such famous brands as Hugo Boss, Yoji Yamamoto, Chanel, Stella McCartney. Particular attention is paid by designers of iconic brands to the quality of materials and precise cut. The priority is silk, wool, cotton, denim. Things from noble fabrics a priori cannot have a low price; therefore, it is quite difficult to find them in the mass market.

Minimalism Style Woman’s Clothes

Minimalism in the new season: features, interesting sets, photos

Those who love clothes of bright color palette, flashy accessories, spectacular makeup, multi-color “neon” hair dyeing techniques are hardly suitable for this direction. By its nature, it is quite conservative, very concise. This is not just a style. Rather, it is a way of thinking, a kind of philosophy and culture. Women who prefer this style of clothing, accessories, interior design, as a rule, are self-sufficient, self-confident individuals who are well aware of what they want from life. Most often, these girls have impeccable taste, and minimalism allows in no way limit their imagination.

Characteristic features of the style

  • Maximum simplicity of cut, straight / semi-adjacent silhouettes. The ensemble executed in a minimalist manner is extremely simple, functional, variable. He emphasizes harmony, helping to focus attention on the merits of a female figure: slimness, fit.

Minimalism Style Woman’s Clothes

  • Dresses are made in the achromatic color palette. In the new season, in addition to the monochrome variants, collections also contain look-and, in which there are things of inconspicuous pink, lavender, light blue tones. Welcome peas, cell, strip, and other “geometry”. Flickering, iridescent, shiny fabrics, as well as fabrics with expressive prints,  are not used at all.
  • Lack of synthetic fibers. The ensemble should be made of things made of noble cashmere, wool, silk, tweed, cotton, knitwear, and other natural fabrics.
  • Refusal of decorative elements: lace, embroidery, overhead details, jabot, lush folds, draperies, flounces, layering in favor of convenience, rigor, and simplicity.
  • The choice of shoes should be treated very carefully because all the nuances concerning this style are true to it. Various buckles, bows, fringe, brooches, and other decor are unacceptable here. Choose a pair with a sustainable block of natural materials: textiles, leather, suede reputable global manufacturers. The model should be comfortable enough (almost not feel on my feet!) And elegant.

Minimalism Style Woman’s Clothes

Details and accessories

This direction does not preclude the use of accessories, because they allow you to make the image creative, memorable, help to place accents and create a mood. If the wardrobe has only a few sets of clothes, changing shoes, bags, accessories, you can create significantly more sets.

Elite costume jewelry ideally complements the ensemble. At the same time, it looks no worse than jewelry. However, most likely a minimalist would prefer platinum, white gold or sterling silver, choosing a product without inserts or inlaid with a single precious stone. Similar decorations can be found in the collections of Tiffany, Pandora, V. Jewelry Studio. Any of them will organically fit into a minimalistic image.

Minimalism Style Woman’s Clothes

Another essential accessory is a wristwatch. A spectacular chronometer is worn on the wrist, not only to keep track of time. Hours – an indicator of status, a reflection of the nature of its owner. Like any other person with a rational approach to consumption, the minimalist will suit the Omega, Tissot, Rado (Switzerland) quartz watches or Sokolov (Russia) brand products. The final touch in your image will be a strict handbag discreet design. This can be a clutch bag, a bag-set or a frame bag model.

Minimalism Style Woman’s Clothes

Expensive and tasteful!

The main advantage of the minimalist style is that it allows you to experiment freely with your image using a small number of wardrobe items. The result should be a simple but interesting set. Do not forget: the standard minimalist manner of dressing simply does not exist. The aesthetics of this direction is universal and easily adapts to any occasion. Not surprisingly, this style of dress has quite a few admirers. The most famous, for example, Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow, J. Aniston. These women attract admiring glances to themselves, and minimalism only emphasizes their beauty, presented by nature. This is the meaning: to emphasize dignity with the help of a concise and elegant dress. Minimalism in women’s clothing is a practical trend relevant in the coming season and loved by many,

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