The Interior Of The House In The Russian Style

The Interior Of The House In The Russian Style

For a long time, predominantly foreign trends dominated domestic trends in interior design, and traditionally the Russian style – distinctive and cozy – was undeservedly forgotten. Recently, however, it has again attracted the attention of project designers of any level of complexity, as well as their customers. In this article, we will try to figure out what is the interior of the house in the Russian style, and how to create it.

The Interior Of The House In The Russian Style

The origins of Russian style in interior design

Domestic architecture and design have evolved over many centuries, and include many areas. However, the traditional design of the house in Russian style usually involves the use or combination of the following styles:

  • “Russian izba”. This is a fairly concise design option, closest to the “sources”, something resembling the design of peasant houses. It contains a lot of natural materials, it is functional, modest, but, despite this, in its own way elegant.
  • “Russian manor”. This style largely imitates the design of princely houses, involves the use of multi-colored ornaments and rich decoration. The classic highlight of this branch of Russian style is a tiled stove, decorated with ceramic tiles, or a fireplace decorated in its stylish (an example can be seen in the photo).

  • “A la rus”. This is the European name for the interior design style, which to a certain extent can be called kitsch. It involves the use of a large number of variegated decorative elements, stylized under the creation of folk handicraft. Perhaps in its pure form, this style is still too coarse for the design of a private house, but it is quite possible to borrow some elements from it to make the interior more vivid.

Which option of these three you choose, or which of them will make a greater bias, depends on your taste preferences, as well as on the characteristics of the house. For example, if it is small, and the priority is to spend space as rationally as possible, then you can prefer the cozy and laconic style of the Russian hut. If a square meter is enough, and you want to add more decorative elements – you can focus on the design in the style of a Russian manor or “a la Rus.” Anyway, all these ways of creating a home design are harmoniously combined with each other, so your creative impulses limit almost nothing.

Key features

Whichever version of the Russian style you choose, you should focus on the following characteristic features:

  • Environmental friendliness and an abundance of natural materials. First of all, we are talking about wood, natural stone, pottery and natural fabrics (these can be tablecloths, curtains, upholstery of sofas and chairs, carpets, decorative panels and much more). Much less often in the Russian interior metal elements is used, although small “splashes” of forged objects may be acceptable. Parquet or carpet can be used as a floor covering, as a compromise option – laminate, stylized as parquet, or tile of warm shades. The use of glass and plastic when building a house in the Russian style is best minimized.

The Interior Of The House In The Russian Style

  • A special attitude to the selection of natural materials. Not all wood will make the desired interior – for this is best-suited birch, larch, oak, ash or pine. Dark wood, especially reddish tones, is not used in the Russian design style. In addition, careful attention is paid to the texture of wood: interior items can be created with the effect of raw natural material to demonstrate all its natural beauty. A special place even in a modern Russian house is occupied by carved decorations made of wood, preferably not covered with any colored paint. If masonry or raw brick is used in the interior, it is also better not to expose these materials to an additional “disguise”, but to leave it in its original form.
  • Reliable and functional furniture. The rule of the preceding paragraph also applies here: the better the texture of the original natural material is viewed, the better the furniture will fit the house in the Russian style. With all this, it can be decorated quite minimalist, the main thing – a comfort when using it. Wooden furniture (from the above-mentioned types of wood), as well as wicker things, fit perfectly into this interior design style. Aged (naturally or artificially) furniture will also have to be in place.

  • The abundance of light. The interior of the house in the Russian style and twilight are incompatible. It is necessary to consider the location of all design elements so that as little as possible to block the natural light from the windows. Lamps with lampshades, laconic lamps on forged stands, for creating an interior in the style of “a la rus” – even crystal chandeliers will be suitable for lighting the premises in the dark.
  • Nontrivial places for scenery. It can be a plain wall, but an exquisite finish of the frame of a mirror hanging on it, or the placement of painted patterns on the window slopes, or decorating a fireplace with an ornament, or using laconic wooden furniture complete with an embroidered tablecloth. The abundance of jewelry depends only on what type of Russian style in the interior of the house you decide to give greater preference.
  • Traditional colors. Registration in Russian style involves the use of beige, brown, gray, yellow, red, blue colors and their combinations. It can be as muted, almost pastel colors, and bright, bold shades.

The Interior Of The House In The Russian Style

  • The most thoughtful comfort. Pillows on the sofas, shelves in a convenient location, chair covers, curtain clips – in a Russian-designed house should be as comfortable and cozy as possible in principle.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the popular attribute of the Russian interior design style – the abundance of decorative elements – must also meet the requirements of your comfort. In other words, it is important here to strike a balance between beauties and the desire/unwillingness to regularly wipe the dust from numerous plates, pendants, vases, paintings, twisted patterns and the like. Create the interior in which you will be comfortable in all respects.

Author: Roger Walker

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