Is Wood Flooring in a Bathroom Viable?

Is it time for a bathroom makeover? This is a room in your home that you are going to use a lot during the day. It is also a room that can deteriorate quickly due to the presence of water. Something that you have to think about when you are renovating your bathroom is the flooring to use.

Perhaps you already have a certain style in your head. But you also must consider the material and whether that is going to be durable and suitable enough for comfort, as well as moisture. There are a lot of homeowners that wonder whether wood flooring is going to be a good option for bathrooms. Let’s take a closer look at the answer and see what the best wood flooring is for bathrooms.

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Hardwood Flooring

First, let’s consider hardwood flooring. This is often chosen for its aesthetic since homeowners love the look of real wood. You can enjoy the natural patterns and colours in your home. In addition, hardwood flooring is going to last a while and it is an investment for your property. It can even be restored with sanding and refinishing. But is hardwood the best material when it comes to bathrooms?

This is a durable flooring type. As with all, you must maintain it. The sanding and refinishing are an essential part of giving your hardwood flooring life, but so is putting in the extra effort of keeping it dry if a pipe leaks.

Laminate Flooring

Next up, we have laminate flooring. Of course, this is a type of flooring that is not made from wood. But the great thing about it is that you can choose a laminate that looks just like it. So, what you can do is benefit from this durable material. It is able to get wet and it is easy to clean. What’s more, it is durable when it comes to foot traffic, which is going to be beneficial in a bathroom that is getting used a lot. Thus, you want to consider using laminate flooring in bathrooms. There are some water-resistant options that will work well, and it is a lot more practical than real wood. The designs are so good now that you would not be able to tell that it is not the real natural material.

LVT Flooring

Last but not least, we have LVT flooring. This is a type of vinyl click flooring that can be great for having in bathrooms. You can enjoy the style of wood flooring, but you can enjoy the practicalities of using vinyl. This is a fantastic material you can use since it is durable and great for foot traffic. In fact, a lot of this material has an anti-slip coating, which can make it a good choice for bathrooms. What’s more, it is water-resistant, so this is going to be what you need in a bathroom where there is a sink and shower. Therefore, do not forget to consider LVT flooring when you are renovating your home. It can be a good choice for a bathroom since it is practical and there are a lot of wood styles available.

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