How to evolve Inkay?

How to evolve Inkay

You are a huge fan of Pokémon series games and have decided to try completing the Pokédex in each of them. You have noticed, however, that there is a Pokémon that you just cannot evolve. This is Inkay, whose evolution is the beautiful Malamar Squid Pokémon.

You’ve really tried it all ways, leveling it up, using Evolution Stones and even trying to trade it, but none of the “traditional” evolution methods have had any effect, right? No problem, I’m here to help you. In this guide, in fact, I will show you how to evolve Inkay in all the titles in which it is present.

The Pokémon in question was introduced in the sixth generation and is present both in Pokémon GO, the famous augmented reality title for smartphones, and in the “traditional” games of the series. When you are ready, I would say to start: make yourself comfortable and take a few minutes of your precious time reading this guide. I just have to wish you a good reading and a good time!

How to evolve Inkay

How to evolve Inkay?

On Pokémon GO, from December 2020, Pokémon from the Kalos region has been made available. Among these is Inkay, a Dark / Poison-type Pokémon whose evolution, Malamar, is one of the most interesting Pokémon in the game.

Evolving this Pokémon is really very simple, but first, you need to get 50 Inkay Candies. You can only get candies by catching other Inkays and sending them to the professor via the appropriate button.

In detail, after capturing an Inkay, tap on the Poké Ball- shaped box at the bottom, then select the Pokémon item from the menu that appeared on the screen. In the list, you can find all the Inkays you’ve caught by typing the Pokémon’s name into the search box.

Remember to keep the ‘ Inkay with PL ( Battle Points ) higher, as it will be what we’re going to evolve. Then tap on the other Inkay, then press the ☰ icon located at the bottom left of the Pokémon menu.

In the new tab that has opened, you just have to press on the Transfer item, then on the Yes option to confirm your choice. This way, you can get 1 Inkay Candy for each Pokémon transferred.

Once you have collected 50 Candies, return to the Pokémon menu and select the Inkay to evolve. Once this is done, unlike what happens for the other monsters, to make Inkay evolve, you will have to flip your smartphone, then press the Make Evolve button.

Curious, isn’t it? If your device does not have a gyroscope, the evolution should take place automatically by pressing the Make Evolve button. Remember to activate the option to rotate your mobile screen before trying to make it evolve!

How to evolve Inkay: Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield

If on Pokémon GO, the only difference in the standard evolution concerns the rotation of the smartphone, the same applies to the Pokémon chapters distributed for Nintendo Switch, namely Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

First, you need to get an Inkay, which can be found on Route 7 prominently in the Overworld, or on Route 9, only after exclamation marks appear in the tall grass.

Another method to find Inkay in these chapters is to go to the Wild Lands, in particular in the areas of Piana dei Ponti, Colle Knuckleburgh (only during blizzards and thunderstorms ) and in the lakes of Specchio and Conca del Gigante, during snowfalls.

Once you have your Inkay to evolve, take it to level 29, then get it up to 30 by holding the console upside down in handheld mode. Be careful. In case you have placed the console in the Dock to play on TV, you will not be able to evolve the Pokémon.

In case Inkay is already over level 30, don’t worry. You can evolve it into Malamar at each level up by keeping your Nintendo Switch upside down.

How to evolve Inkay: Pokémon X and Pokémon Y

Inkay is a Pokémon exclusive to the X and Y versions of the Pokémon games, belonging to the sixth generation. In these versions of the game, Inkay can be caught at level 14 or 15 on Route 8, within the section of tall grass with flowers.

Otherwise, you can find it at Blue Bay, in normal tall grass, at a level that can range from 25 to 27. Once you’ve found the Pokémon, all you have to do is catch it, then train it up to level 29.

At this point, just like on Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, you need to raise your Inkay to level 30, then flip your Nintendo 3DS. Press the A button to go on and, at the end of the battle, always with the console upside down. Your Pokémon will evolve into a beautiful Malamar!

This method also works for all Pokémon games developed later on the Nintendo 3DS, such as Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. On Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and on Sun and Moon, the Pokémon is only accessible on the exchange. In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, it can be caught (it can be found in Route 1 and in Poni Island, also in tall grass).

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