Black google chrome icon: Is it a problem?

The icon used in the browser is black, not blue. It is a subtle but notable change that Google has made to Chrome’s UI. The color and contrast of the icon have been changed to make it look more like other Google products and services. Some believe this may be a sign that Google will eventually retire the green browser logo altogether.

Black google chrome icon: is it a problem?

When the Google Chrome logo was first introduced, it stood out and looked very blue when displayed on a Mac. The lightness of its color contrasted so much with other Apple software products that you could use chrome to spot whether your computer was an iMac or not just by looking at the rock-solid Chrome icon. Most Windows users couldn’t see what all the fuss was about, however – until now. Google has given their browser a new icon, which is darker than previous versions.

Why is Google Chrome circle black?

The Google Chrome logo had been a bright color in previous versions. The black color has become characteristic and is now used as the primary identity of Google’s browser.

The new icon unifies all their other applications, making it easier to distinguish them from each other and ensuring users do not have any trouble identifying the services that makeup Google software suite for consumers. A black icon is simpler to use due to the fact that it makes no distinction, allowing users maximum control over information depending on how they want.

How to Disable Chrome Dark Mode?

There are two ways to disable the new dark mode. You can either turn off hardware acceleration, or you can use Chrome’s incognito browsing feature. To hide the dark mode on your Web browser with a black minimize button, follow these instructions:

1) Navigate to chrome://flags in any ordinary Chrome window (incognito is not recommended).

2) Scroll down until you see “ShowConsolidatedBuildURL”.

3) Set the value to false, and click “Relaunch Now”.

This will put back in view instead of chrome://flags/ as your Web browser would normally do when you opened a new tab or window.

Note that it’s safe to set this flag even if you’ve disabled Hardware Acceleration under Chrome’s preference settings because no GPU acceleration code is needed for its functions like private browsing mode extension.

Features of black google chrome icon

In the new version of Google Chrome, a browser window opens with white text on black background. This helps you easily read tabs and features because the contrast ratio is much better than most other web browsers.

In terms of functionality and usability, it hasn’t been unaltered in any way yet users that habituate to chrome will be able to tell what’s changed simply from looking at its icon alone if they know where it hides away under their Extensions ‘Custom Tab’ tab.


Google Chrome’s icon has changed to a black background. What do you think about this change? Let us know in the comments below.

Author: Jeffrey Bowman

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