How to stay cool and comfortable at home or at work even during the hottest day of the year

Trying to stay cool and comfortable during the hottest day of the year at home or at work can be a challenge, not using an expensive and energy consuming electric fan or air-conditioning unit is the goal.  An innovative and environmentally friendly way to ensure your property or work premises remains naturally cool can be something simple like Solar Shading, provided by an experienced, professional company, this Brise Soleil, “Sun-breaker” system consists of a futuristically designed screen that’s placed on the outside of a building.  This Louvered shield protects the inside of the property and the people working or living there from the harmful effects of the sun.

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A stunning architectural feature that’s aesthetically pleasing, this simple system reduces heat gain within any property that has been expertly fitted with this revolutionary Brise Soleil screen.  Cleverly designed and built entirely from aluminium it has extruding blades and mullion arms that are specifically fixed and slanted to a set angle and coated with powder for protection. They simply and effectively keep out the intense heat of the summer sun against any expanse of glass windows or doors.

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Then in the winter, when the sun sits lower in the sky, any property will still benefit from the natural warmth of the sun and yet still maintain some partial shading. Providing a superb architectural feature that’s a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to staying cool.

Author: Kei Taylor

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