How To Make A Sword In Minecraft?

How To Make A Sword In Minecraft

The combats could not be missing in this wonderful title, being this player against player or player against monster/creature. Be that as it may, we must not lack the equipment and knowledge to be the best; And like every good champion, we cannot lack a good sword, if we do not have it, there is no need to panic, why will we tell you How to Make a Sword in Minecraft? It’s time for you to have your Sword!

How To Make A Sword In Minecraft?

The Sword is a weapon used for close combat since, before the medieval era, these weapons have led to different battles throughout history. And obviously, it could not be missing in the famous Minecraft game, this being one of the most used and effective weapons to combat hostile creatures. Most likely, you still do not know how to create a sword, so follow this installment and learn how to make your own swords. Also discover: How to make a secret door in Minecraft?

How To Make A Sword In Minecraft

Making a Sword in Minecraft

To make a sword, we must take into account the material from which we want to make it. If we do not have many resources or none, it must be done from scratch and gradually climb until we get the best one.

To make the Wooden Sword (the first Sword that we will create at the beginning of the game), we will need to get wooden sticks and planks. We will need an ax with which we will cut down trees, any of the 6 types.

These will give us 3-4 units of the tree trunk, then we head to the workbench and turn them into wooden planks. Again we will place some wooden planks on the work table and from them, we will get wooden sticks.

Now that we have the wooden sticks and some planks, we will create our Sword using (again) the work table. We will place the materials.

We have obtained the wooden Sword. Like all good players, we are going to want to obtain a higher level sword that lasts much longer and inflicts much more damage, so we can create the other variants of other materials, these would be: stone, iron, gold and diamond; being the diamond sword the best, toughest and with more force of damage.

Of course, to obtain these words, we must look for the aforementioned minerals. If we are in survival mode, it is most likely that it will take a while to get iron and diamond, the last being the most complicated but not impossible to achieve.

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