From smart to casual: four ways to wear a sweatshirt

The versatility of the classic sweater should not be underestimated. The sweatshirt can be utilised for a wide variety of occasions, comes in many different styles, and can be worn in a huge number of ways – so many that it would be impossible to list them all! With this in mind, let’s take a look at four of the best ways to wear a sweatshirt.

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The casual sweatshirt

This is probably what first comes to mind when you think of a sweatshirt. Being casual doesn’t mean it is any less fashionable; in fact, a jersey sweatshirt is a great way to combine style with practical comfort thanks to its oversized and comfortable nature.

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Plain sweatshirts can be utilised stylishly when paired with a wide range of clothing, such as a simple pair of jeans and sneakers or cargo shorts and sliders. You will find a great selection of casual mens Barbour sweatshirts that fit the casual style nicely.

The day out sweatshirt

If you have a weekend away or a day out planned, a sweatshirt can be a great choice for both comfort and style; what’s more, you can interchange your look depending on your personal style choices. If you are more of a sneakers and jeans guy, this can work well; alternatively, pair a sweatshirt with trousers and boots for something a little different.

You can get more sturdy sweatshirts if you are heading out for a practical day or weekend of activities, such as mens Barbour sweatshirts.

The dressed-up sweatshirt

Sweatshirts can also be worn formally; for example, wear a white collared shirt under a sweatshirt and match it with some chinos and a pair of loafers for a sleek and spruced up look. You can wear a blazer over the top to add an extra layer of class – there are lots of styles available.

The at-home sweatshirt

When you have had a bad week and don’t feel like doing anything in particular during your time off, this is the kind of sweatshirt you want. Anything will do as long as it is comfortable – think casual and cosy but possibly unsuitable to wear outside the home!

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