How to Look Stylish in Your Work Shirts

The definition of a work shirt lies in its fit. So, when you have issues with your shirt fit, don’t be surprised if it makes youlook the perfect misfit. What’s worse is that it gives you an unprofessional and undisciplined look. So, check out stores like Dust N Boots for an incredible collection and make your style statements in work shirts.

Here are some simple details that make you look stylish in your work shirts:

Buttons at the Right Place

Buttons are not meant to hold your shirt in place; they shouldn’t strain at the seams when you sit. When the buttons are stretched, you can see the underlying lapel peeping out, and a flash of your undershirt (if you’re wearing one) or your bare midriff is visible.

When the underlying lapel shows, either the fit is wrong, or the shirt is a size too small for you. Nothing can be more embarrassing than you bursting out of your shirt buttons at your workplace.

The Shirt’s Shoulder Patch is Crucial

Another area where an ill-fitting shirt is a dead giveaway is the shoulder patch. The shoulder line on your shirt’s shoulder patch should fit perfectly on your shoulders. The shoulder patch sags when either the shirt is ill-fitting or when you are either too muscular or too thin.

Look up online stores like Dust N Boots for shirts that don’t give your shoulders a droopy look. The shoulder patch of a shirt is meant to cover your shoulder perfectly.

The Portion below the Armpit

A shirt’s look and feel will be ruined if the area below the armpit is too loose or too tight. There can be nothing more uncomfortable than a shirt that’s right below the armpit, restricting your movements to make you look awkward.

However, if that area is very loose, it tends to stick out, ruining the fit and look of the shirt. A perfect shirt fits from end to end perfectly without restricting movement. An ill-fitting shirt has to be altered by a tailor, which costs money and takes up a lot of your time.

A Dress Shirt is Different

If it’s a formal occasion at the workplace, you need to wear a formal dress. A dress shirt has to be long enough to be tucked in. It should also set the contrast in the suit, and white or other light pastel shades are perfect as dress shirts.

Also, your dress shirt needs to be a perfect fit because even if it’s slightly loose, it could spill out and spoil the look. On the other hand, if it’s too tight, the area around the buttons will be stressed and visible, though you could always cover it up with your tie.

A Shirt Should Hide Your Muffin Belly

Did you know that an average American male is too big for his britches? That’s why you need a shirt that can comfortably hide your ‘love handles’ and help camouflage the muffin look. It all lies in the right fit of the shirt, not too loose and not too tight, but just about right to hide the hint of a tummy.  

Summing it Up

The fabric contributes only half of a shirt’s look and feel. The rest is made up in the fit. A shirt that fits you well adds to your personality and portrays you with good dress sense.

Author: Kei Taylor

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