How to open a can without using a can opener: 3 simple tricks

How to open a can

If you like nature, survival, camping, going to the mountains or the forest and being self-sufficient and independent of material things, this article is special for you because in it we will teach you some tricks to open a can without a can opener and some more so you can apply when you need it.

The cans are often difficult to open and much more if we do not have a can opener or a specific utensil for this task. But don’t worry, this won’t be a problem for you anymore. Do you dare to try? This may help you in times of need, hunger, and stress. Not only will lunch or dinner solve you, but it will make you more independent, strong, and self-taught.

1- Rough and flat surface trick

A can contain your food, the food of your friend or that of a relative and even that of your pet and in matters of food we all have needs, sometimes very urgent to satisfy because especially if we are in nature: in the mountain or in the forest far from any store, city or society that can provide us with a can opener or some instrument to open it.

Step by Step:

You will have to take the can straight and bring it close to a rock or slab (it should be a rough and flat surface) and place it face down

Then you should rub the can against this rough surface holding it firmly (with force for approximately 5 minutes)

Once this is done, you must turn the lid and press the sides of the can, there the lid will begin to detach from the edges

If it did not open completely and was still attached to some edge, you can run it again and repeat the action or help you finish opening it with a cloth by pushing it up (be careful not to cut or injure yourself).

2- Trick of the spoon

If you want to open a can and you do not have a can opener or a knife that can facilitate its opening, you will have this little trick that will help you to open it without hurting yourself and with success. This trick is very simple and you will only need a spoon. Do you dare to do it?

Step by Step:

The first thing you should do is get a flat and solid surface to place the can you want to open (it can be the floor itself, a table, or something similar)

Then you should place a spoon on the edge of the can, at the top. And begin to rub the sharpest side (the rounded tip) of the spoon on the edge of the can with quick movements and applying pressure on it.

After a while, you will make the can give way and you will have to continue skirting the can with pressure to finish opening it completely

3- Chef’s knife trick

If for now you do not have a can opener but you do have a chef’s knife, then you can open your can with this great instrument and in a very simple way. You just have to pay special attention to your precision to avoid hurting yourself.

Step by Step:

You will have to place the can on a solid and stable surface to be able to manipulate it with precision.

Then you must place the small tip that is near the handle of the knife (not the sharp part of the knife, but the one close to where you grab the same that is wider) and press the edge of the can with this

Make sure the base of the blade is centered and that you hold it firmly so that it does not slip.

Now you must press the can with force to generate a small hole on the edge of the can, once you have this hole as things will be easier

You should keep moving the can and creating holes next to each other to pierce the entire can

When you have made all those holes you should with the edge of the knife pull up the lid and remove it completely and thus open your can without opening cans!

These tricks are great for you to put into practice in your home for the day that you don’t have the right utensils, you can still open the can and help yourself or someone else with their can and their hunger or need.

Author: Jeffrey Bowman

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