High Waisted Jeans For Women

High Waisted Jeans For Women

We remember about denim trousers if there is no desire to dress up or a dilemma familiar to every girl arises when “there is absolutely nothing to wear”. Therefore, the search for the perfect pair is fully justified. Length, fit, decor, inscriptions, a stunning reflection in the mirror – everything matters. The girls’ tall jeans adore for a reason: they “make” the waist, visually stretch the legs and look still fashionable and fresh. The main thing is not to get the first available.

High-rise jeans: clothes that never let you down!

Residents of large cities today pay much less attention to their appearance, preferring universal things. Designers took advantage of this. Their fashionable clothes, for example, high jeans, are distinguished by a laconic cut, impeccable fit, and reasonable price. And if, until recently, such pants did not cause much interest among women of fashion, in the new season no girl can go without them, who follow current trends. But you need to be able to wear this style. What to wear and how to do it correctly, we tell right now.

High Waisted Jeans For Women

Who is suitable?

Denim is a fairly versatile, dense fabric that allows to level out somebody defects (especially in the hips, waist), but there are certain nuances. These pants, for example, are not the best choice for owners of an apple-type figure. For those with a pear, designers advise wearing high-waisted trousers with high-heeled shoes to balance overall proportions. Jeans with a high fit are able to visually remove extra centimeters or, on the contrary, add additional volumes. In the fashionable collection presents a photo of several win-win images with such jeans. In them, you will look amazing!

Stylish outfit with high jeans

With a voluminous bright sweatshirt and ankle boots

This is a convenient and trendy outfit for autumn walks. A colorful print will add to the appearance of light negligence. This look is the perfect choice for slender young ladies. From above you can wear a down jacket, oversize coat or a fur coat up to the knees. Of the accessories, several rings or a massive bracelet will be appropriate here. Complement the set with an oversized scarf and stylish gloves. It is better not to overload the image of a large necklace and earrings.

With a jumper oversize and down jacket

Ideal for the Russian winter! Even if the sweater closes the high waist of denim pants – not scary! A good fit will be noticeable anyway. Girls who still want to emphasize the waist, you should choose a shortened volume pullover. It will save heat well. For jeans with a pale blue color palette, a sweater of gray, beige or mint shade is suitable. Wear a jacket down jacket length knee-length. A beautiful addition to the image will be a fashionable beanie or a volume scarf-LIC. It will be advantageous to look compact bag over his shoulder.

High Waisted Jeans For Women

With a transparent blouse and pumps

Transparent top will help to create a romantic and festive look. If you decide to wear a translucent dark-colored shirt (of batiste, chiffon or veil), add a color accent: a bright brooch or an original scarf. The high waistline will be clearly visible through the thin fabric, so you should not refill the blouse. To add femininity, give preference to shoes with the original heels, decorated with stones, glitter. From jewelry, the winning option will be an expressive necklace, a thin strap on the belt to match the boats, a scarf made of silk.

High Waisted Jeans For Women

With a shirt and half boots on the heel

High jeans and a shirt are a smart casual look for a smart casual look. You can choose the current shirt with a colorful print, a model with a collar-Chanel, a classic shirt in a cage. Stylists recommend wearing it, tucked into jeans. So the legs will look even longer. Boiled white top with denim pants can be worn in the office, but only if the dress code is not too strict. The face will be complemented by nubuck or suede booties with a low heel. As for accessories – bulk bag-bag of coarse leather or textile bag-shopper. Small and inconspicuous ornaments in a minimalist style ideally complement this look.

With bodysuit and Chelsea boots

Bodies is a bold, slightly provocative thing, which many people associate with seductive underwear, but complete with high-rise jeans pants, such clothes look organically and not at all outrageous. Choose a body of extraordinary styles: with inserts of translucent mesh or delicate lace. In the new season, the most glamorous persons wear maroon, emerald, and also anthracite body shade. It is best to complement the outfit with classic Chelsea shoes of nude, black, silver color or shoes to match the body. What accessories can be worn with such a bow? It will be perfectly complemented by massive earrings, a few wristbands, and colorful hairpins. A miniature stylish handbag will complete the look.

Short T-shirts, T-shirts, tops

They are just made for denim trousers! Cropped T-shirts, feminine Crop tops in combination with high-rise jeans emphasize the seductiveness of the forms, create an emphasis on the waist, visually narrowing it, and make the legs even longer.

According to a survey among women, 68% of the fair sex considers jeans as the most favorite thing in the wardrobe. This is not surprising, because they can go to the office (if there is no hard dress code), to a romantic rendezvous, and you can wear for a walk. In addition, denim pants perfectly blend with other basic elements of the wardrobe. Dark blue straight, high-rise jeans are considered to be absolutely universal. But even this model must be chosen to take into account the particular physique. For some, a pair of narrow-leg trousers can be perfect. For other girls – more free cut.

Key rule: you should avoid all sorts of decor (accented scuffs, embroidery, ribbons, sequins, holes). Classic high rise jeans are the best base for the most daring experiments. Focusing on the images presented here, you can wear high-waisted pants all week, but look different every day.

Author: Roger Walker

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