Interior Design Of A Restroom In A Bath

Interior design of a rest room in a bath

One of the most important components for a pleasant stay in the bath is a restroom. From the interior inside it depends on comfort when organizing leisure. Therefore, the design should be thought out in such a way that everything you need is at hand and hot travelers do not need to go out.

The time spent in the steam room is limited to the natural functions of the body. Experts recommend being there for no more than 20 minutes, otherwise, the thermoregulation mechanism is overloaded and the state of health worsens. But in the restroom, you can stay for an unlimited time, during which the body can cool down and recover slowly. Therefore, it should accommodate more people than in the steam room.

You can begin to finish the restroom immediately after the completion of the main work on the design of the steam room. The main thing – do not forget that the interior design inside it should be not only beautiful but also functional.

The main rules of interior design

The surfaces of all objects in adjacent areas with a steam room should be resistant to heat, high humidity air, and a sharp temperature drop. If necessary, install the electronics should give preference to the highest quality models. Since any equipment contains metal parts that are prone to rapid heating, it is recommended to place it along walls that are not adjacent to the steam room.

The interior of the bathroom should include areas for:

  1. Cooking and eating meals. They can be combined or delimited by a small bar. During recovery, the human body needs an additional source of energy. Well, if after a steam bath you can have a snack, drink a cool drink or make your favorite tea. Therefore, the interior design of the living room in the bath must necessarily include a mini-kitchen in which you can place a refrigerator, a couple of hanging and floor pedestals, a table and chairs.
  2. Sleep and relaxation. Often, vacationers have a desire to lie down and even sleep after a steam room. This idea can be realized by placing a soft bench, a corner sofa or even a large bed in the lounge.
  3. Leisure organization. It all depends on the habits and preferences of the owners. As entertainment, there can be provided for board games, stored in a dedicated closet, pool table, TV, karaoke system.
  4. Storage of things. To make the room not cluttered, when designing an interior design, it is necessary to provide cabinets, cabinets, hooks, and hangers where the bedding, bathrobes and replacement clothes will be placed.
  5. Hygienic procedures. It is extremely useful after the steam room is a sharp cooling of the body. To this end, you can install a pool. It will not be superfluous to provide a shower cabin in which you can rinse the warmed body and thoroughly rub it with a washcloth.

Interior design of a rest room in a bath

Chasing high functionality, you should not overload the restroom interior with a large number of furniture. The design must be based on the area of ​​the room. You may have to choose several priority zones during the designation, sacrificing less necessary ones.

For convenience, zones of different directions are recommended to be separated from each other. This can be done with the help of various partitions, distinctive types of decoration or expressive light accents.

To make the design look complete, a soft, muffled light should be chosen for the relaxation room to help relax. If necessary, you can arrange several brighter lamps along the walls. We must not forget about the natural light: it will provide a full panoramic window.

Interior design of a rest room in a bath

Interior finish

To rest in the steam room was comfortable even in winter; the interior design should include heating. Since the air inside is heated in a natural way, often the owners choose a warm floor instead of the classic heater. Also, the bath is better to hydro and paroizolirovat. Doors to the steam room and all rooms adjacent to it must be airtight.

Despite regular airing, it is necessary to prepare for the fact that high humidity will still be maintained in the steam room. Therefore, the finish inside must be heat and moisture resistant, ready for sudden temperature changes, not deformed and not emit harmful substances when heated.

Since all artificial materials can produce toxins, natural types of finishes are preferable to the interior of the bath: wooden beams for walls, floorboards, and beams for the ceiling. They are not only durable and environmentally friendly but also able to provide additional heat and sound insulation, becoming indispensable for those who plan to celebrate holidays in the restroom and organize noisy parties.

For interior design in the room for rest after the bath will fit the most sustainable tree species:

  • larch, not subject to rotting and attacks of beetles;
  • oak, disinfecting indoor air;
  • linden, giving an indescribable honey aroma for many years;
  • alder, preventing the occurrence of mold;
  • cedar, enriching the air with psyche-relaxing oils;
  • aspen, not deformed under the highest load;
  • ash resistant to rot, fungus and mildew.

These rocks have low thermal conductivity so that the temperature in the bath will remain at the desired level for a long time. But to finish the wood served for decades, it must be processed on time. To do this, use flaxseed, hemp oil or formulations specifically designed for this purpose. Reliable protection will prevent premature deterioration and decay of wood in high humidity conditions.

Interior design of a rest room in a bath

In addition to natural wood, a restroom in the bath can be arranged:

  • tiles, allowing you to create a unique interior design;
  • natural stone, not afraid of moisture, heat and mechanical damage;
  • porcelain stoneware, imitating noble material and not inferior to its natural characteristics;
  • non-woven wallpaper, featuring a huge number of colors and simplifying the repair process.

When finishing the room for relaxation after the bath cannot be used parquet and laminate, swelling from moisture, as well as linoleum, which is able to quickly ignite. It is not recommended to use chipboard, plywood, PVC panels that produce harmful toxins.

Interior of the lounge in the bath: examples of modern design options with photos

If the basis of the decoration of the steam room and adjacent rooms is wood, the interior design can be based on a range in harmonious brown tones. So, peach or beige will add presentability, yellow – will cheer up, milky will promote relaxation, and white – will provide peace of mind. If necessary, create accents can be diluted pastel palette with darker shades.

To create a harmonious and complete interior design, you can seek the help of professionals or arrange the living room yourself. These tips and ready-made examples will help to do this without any problems.

Interior design of a rest room in a bath

Popular design options

Since most owners choose furniture and decor from natural materials, the most common design option is a Russian-style bath. Such an interior will be not only environmentally friendly but also very attractive.

It can be arranged in the premises of the smallest area. The design in the traditional style provides for the presence of concise, oversized furniture with carved elements. Under the ceiling, you can hang brooms used in the steam room. And on the table – set a rare samovar and pottery.

Interior design of a rest room in a bath

No less popular in interior design is low-key but at the same time very expressive country style. It allows a combination of any environmentally friendly materials: beams on the ceiling, wall paneling, and wooden flooring. The décor inside the country-style bathroom can include massive cotton curtains of bright colors, dishes with contrasting prints and homemade flowers.

Interior design of a rest room in a bath

Lovers of minimalism can design in the Scandinavian style, which is distinguished by rigor and simplicity. Interior items and decor in the relaxation room in the bath should be gentle, neutral tones, combined with each other.

A prerequisite is the presence of expressive accents on pastel palettes. So, you can decorate the room with beautiful carpets with a long pile, bright dishes, wrought-iron lamps, a fireplace. The presence of modern furniture of non-standard shapes and sizes.

Interior design of a rest room in a bath

Fans of themed design can take advantage of ready-made design ideas in a marine style. It assumes an expressive décor with details of ships, anchors, a steering wheel, lifebuoys, and vests.

But while the interior in the style of the sea does not allow excessive clutter. Finishing with a predominance of blue, emerald, white and sand tint creates an imitation of freshness and purity.

Interior design of a rest room in a bath

Connoisseurs of simplicity and brevity can pay attention to the Japanese style, which differs from all modern options. It assumes the presence of low, but comfortable furniture, deep floor cushions, and bamboo panels on the windows and, of course, themed decor. The walls in the bathhouse are decorated with paintings, fans, and the ceiling with lamps in the form of lanterns.

The most versatile and not annoying style to decorate a room for relaxation in the bath is considered modern. It is characterized by soft tones and smooth lines that contribute to relaxation. The style involves the installation of overall furniture as simple as possible and the absence of pronounced decor.

The design of any interior, designed independently, allows for the presence of ensembles – a competent combination of different styles in a single, harmonious picture. So, you can decorate the room, depending on the needs of the owners: great in the restroom will look an abundance of flowers, large mirrors or family photos.

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