How To Quickly Establish Contact With A Man After A Quarrel!

How To Quickly Establish Contact With A Man After A Quarrel!

They say that there is no marriage without quarrels. That is why both husband and wife need to be able to put up. There is nothing complicated in this, but you still need to know some tricks. Psychologists claim that there are things that when applied do not need to be remembered, because the conflict can flare up with a new force. It would seem that yesterday there was an idyll in the family, and today martial law has been declared. The man with whom he lived for more than one year turned out to be the one who wants to yell and beat his fists. Of course, this cannot be allowed, however, as verbal insults. So, how to make peace with your loved one to get rid of a little blood.

Joy down

How To Quickly Establish Contact With A Man After A Quarrel!

Some people who survived the quarrel believe that you need to tell everyone about your “free status”. They share this information on social networks, tell friends about it, and in some cases, go to look for new love. If the couple is not worth the desire to part completely, then such behavior is unacceptable. Any quarrel is bad, and she should not rejoice.

Plans need to tell

How To Quickly Establish Contact With A Man After A Quarrel!

It is no secret that ignorance is not a good thing, provoking unnecessary fantasies. That is why the quarreling is recommended to regret the partners and begin to engage in dialogue with them. It is not necessary that it be verbal, you can communicate using SMS or instant messengers. If one of the spouses is delayed after work, then it is necessary to say this, be sure to indicate the reason. If this is not done, the partner will think that you have a date, but not another trip to the beauty salon. Ignorance does not help to reconcile, but rather provokes new quarrels.

Mouth on lock

It would not want to cry in a vest and complain about her man, you should not do that. Psychologists believe that often after a quarrel, friends can tell a lot of extra information about his beloved, and far from positive. Well, if it remains a mystery, and if in time it still comes out? Then it will be much more difficult to find ways of reconciliation, not to mention the fact that building relationships further can be problematic.

You need the right time to talk.

As a rule, a few days after a quarrel a woman decide to talk. It is worth noting that in this matter it is very important to choose the time when a man will not be busy with something. It is rather difficult to communicate with a person when, for example, he holds a serious meeting or participates in negotiations. The man who calls the woman will say that he is busy, and she will be offended in response. That is why it is recommended to choose free time for a heart-to-heart talk when no one is in a hurry and is not concerned with solving urgent problems.

Without “twisting”

How To Quickly Establish Contact With A Man After A Quarrel!

Quite often, girls can cheat themselves. Each time, recalling a quarrel, new and new episodes of conversation with a beloved man emerge in the brain. Next, self-digging and “winding up” begins. Such a state of affairs will only aggravate the situation, but will in no way help to resolve it. While there is a war with loved ones, psychologists recommend women to distract themselves as often as possible, though not to the detriment of relationships. Fitness, watching your favorite movies or reading a new book helps you in this situation very well.

Emotions and sincerity are important things.

How To Quickly Establish Contact With A Man After A Quarrel!

Despite the fact that women are considered more emotional creatures, men also know how to feel. Sincerity is very important during reconciliation, and for both parties. That is why it is necessary to speak with a man affectionately, gently and looking into the eyes. Psychologists recommend that during a conversation it is imperative to say that without him it was very bad and to admit that he was right about something. In addition, it is worth forgetting about the accusations and claims, even if they have accumulated.

Flattery is not always bad

How To Quickly Establish Contact With A Man After A Quarrel!

It is proved that men love very much when they are praised. For reconciliation to be final, a loved one must be verbally encouraged. For this, it is necessary to recall as many of its positive features as possible. It is necessary to make a man understand that in the life of his beloved he is special and irreplaceable.

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