Ajin Season 3: Will Demi-humans Season Return Or Will It Be Canceled?

Japanese manga series always have a special place in our hearts. Also, they attract teenagers from all over the world for their cool animation. Today we will see such an extraordinary Japanese series that fans are looking forward to it. Ajin is a supernatural anime series written by Gamon Sakurai. After the enormous scope it had during the previous two seasons, people are looking forward to the release of the third season. Eventually, we hope this fan wait will end soon, as discussions are taking place for the next release. Additionally, Polygon Production released a live-action movie alongside the series. And also, the anime series and the movie got colossal support as well as a response from so-called fans.

Also, this is a Japanese manga series that later became an anime series. Polygon Pictures turned it into a live-action movie. The writer and illustrator of the series are Sakurai. However, the debut of the series dates back to January 16, 2016, the next season premiered in the same year a little late on October 8, 2016. Each season consists of 13 episodes. In addition, a trilogy also made by the creators. The last film in the trilogy was released on May 6, 2016. Read also: Black bullet season 2

“Ajin Season 3”: Release Date

After the series’ previous two seasons left us on a cliffhanger, people began to wait for the release of the next series. However, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, production works were up for grabs. Ajin: The recent Demi-Human manga volume launched in November 2019. Also, we can expect the next manga volume to launch in June or May 2020. But Polygon Pictures did not make official announcements regarding the release period of Ajin season 3. We can expect the release date for this series to be around 2021. I hope we all hear good news about the release sooner! Continue reading: Unlocking dark iron dwarves

“Ajin Season 3”: Cast

  • Kei nagai
  • Satou
  • Kaito
  • Kou Nakano

Despite having many characters from both the old and new editions, the characters above play the best. Now, we will see in-depth about each of these characters to understand the story more. Let’s read how it feels to chew 5 gum

Kei nagai

The main protagonist of the story is Kei, who is a seventeen-year-old high school student. In addition, his main goal is to become a doctor and lead a simple daily life. Also, he shows no interest in Ajin-Human fights and emotionally stays away from people. However, Kei’s life changes after surviving a terrible accident. At this moment he discovers that he is also an Ajin. Also, Kei finds himself different from others and can do Invisible Black Matter (IBM). This IBM is the main key of the Ajins. Enjoy Kengan ashura season 3


Satou is a guide to the pro-Ajin movement. In addition, he is the antagonist of the series. Nicknamed the Sombrero, he is a composite leader and the most fabulous Ajin according to others. As a person, he loves video games. Later, people discover that Satou led the army to capture Japan from the hands of humans. Satou portrayed as a sadist, who is happy to see other humans and Ajins suffer.


This man may not be the main character, but he has an important role to play in the series. Kei’s only good friend is Kaito. Additionally, Kaito helps Kei preserve his identity. Take major risks to save your life. But to his dismay, he is caught when the government learns that he helped Kei escape.

Kou Nakamo

The other main supporting character is Kou. Eventually, Kou and Kei become partners. Together they plan to destroy the antagonist, Satou. But Kou is not like Kei and values ​​friendship. Also, he always becomes a savior when someone is faced with some problem. When it comes to battles, Kou always follows Kei’s guidance.

“Ajin Season 3”: Plot

In season 3, we can look forward to Satou’s return from the confinement of American troops. In addition, he is said to have associated with prominent political officials of the United States government. In addition, he promises the United States that he will support politically after capturing Japan. You can expect American troops to provide weapons to fight the Ajins. Finally, it is Kei, Kosabe, and Tosaki who have to support Japan to defeat the Ajins. A lot more happens, which would be a spoiler if it were revealed.

Watch the old series and keep waiting for the new one to find answers to all our questions!

“Ajin Season 3”: story

The story revolves around a boy named Kei Nagai. Also, he is a high school student and comes to know that he is an Ajin. However, the government wants to experiment with Ajins. Kaito helps Kei out of trouble and together they fight Ajins. And the history of the problems continues.

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