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Laminate wood flooring like that from Irwin Tiles can be installed in your home or office with the help of professional installers who are well equipped to handle all kinds of installations. Laminate floors is actually a multi-layered synthetic floor covering product fused together with a laminate veneer layer. The surface of laminate wood flooring resembles wood grain patterns with randomly distributed voids between the grains that resemble glass. This gives the floor a very realistic and natural look. Laminate wood flooring also has the ability to withstand extreme temperature changes, moisture, and is very durable and long lasting.

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Laminate wood flooring consists of melamine resin, fiber board, and various other chemical resistant resins applied on top of the top layer of hardwood. Since laminate floors have a very realistic wood grain pattern it is resistant to scratches, stains, and wears. The inner core layer, which is made of melamine resin is actually composed of high quality resins that offer excellent wear characteristics and are scratch resistant. This makes laminate floors very easy to care for even though it can be used in high traffic areas and subject to everyday wear and tear.

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There are two main types of laminate wood flooring available: the high-density core board and the low-density core board. Both are made using a durable resin top layer with random voids between the grains for a great look and feel. Depending upon the type of surface you have in your home, you can choose from hardwood floors to laminates or urethane. Laminate floors are available in a variety of designs such as solid colors, patterns, textured, and seamless.

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