7 Natural Beauty Products To Protect The Skin From Smog

Protecting the skin from smog and its negative effects is possible thanks to the adoption of a correct skin care.Here are 7 products to try for an immediate detox and protective action.

There are cosmetics that help protect the skin from smog, protecting the tissues from the harmful and negative effects of pollution typical of large cities. These beauty products perform first of all an effective defensive action, reinforcing the skin barrier and thus helping the skin to protect itself from risks such as hyperpigmentation – amplified by the sun’s rays – incarnated off and, again,the onset of blackheads and impurities. Secondly, to protect the skin from smog you need a skincare detox, able to free the pores from all residual pollution and toxins that end up accumulating on our skin at the end of the day. Let’s find out together the products to be had.

We have already underlined how important it is, in view of spring, to use a skincare detox routine that can help our skin to cope with the stress that comes from the change of season. Especially if you live in the city, these moments of transition can be rather exhausting and traumatic. Never as in these cases, is it essential to protect the skin from smog using the right products.

Micellar detox water, to remove make-up and purify

Cleaning with care is important to protect the skin from pollution and above all to prevent smog residues from damaging our skin. In this regard, we recommend a micellar water that is able to remove make-up and to deeply cleanse the skin, combining this action with an effective detox function.

Activated charcoal face mask against the effects of smog on the skin

Make a charcoal mask of beauty to protect your skin from smog! Choose a multitasking product, with a purifying, protective, detox and slightly exfoliating action to show off a radiant and clean complexion in depth.

The revitalizing tonic for the dull complexion

One of the effects of smog on the skin is the dull gray color. We need to try to revitalize our complexion by using antioxidant beauty products that are both enlightening and energizing.

The barrier effect facial cream to protect from smog

Protecting the skin from smog is possible by following some tips and introducing the use of products with a defensive effect that reinforce the ability of our fabrics to protect themselves from the aggressive action of external agents.

A veil of BB cream to protect the skin from pollution

Against the damage of smog on the skin uses the BB cream. This type of face cream of Korean origin has been around for several years and, thanks to its corrective and treating action, it is perfect to protect the skin from pollution and at the same time uniform the complexion.

Facial detox serum against smog for the night

To limit the effects of smog on the skin uses a detox serum, to be applied mainly in the evening before going to sleep and to do so, all night long.

The eye contour mask against smog

The eye contour is particularly affected by the action of pollution. To protect the area around the eyes from smog combined with the use of a simple eye contour cream more intensive treatments against the effects of smog, which are able to hydrate this area so delicate and give the look a relaxed and rested.

Author: Kei Taylor

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