Yellow Color In The Interior Of The Apartment

Yellow Color In The Interior Of The Apartment

The yellow color in the interior of the apartment usually causes associations with summer, solar heat, good weather, and mood. He is able to dispel depression and set up a positive start to the day, increase efficiency. However, a large amount of rich yellow in the house can backfire, causing anxiety, aggression, irritability, and headaches. Designers recommend balancing the sunny colors of furniture, walls, decor items with neutral and opposite colors, using a cheerful color scheme moderately or diluted. Let’s see together how and where it is worth using a yellow color in a modern interior.

Yellow Color In The Interior Of The Apartment

Pros and cons of yellow color in a modern interior

Yellow – one of the three primary colors along with blue and red. The remaining colors are obtained as a result of mixing these shades, so the base tones can be combined with any derivatives of them. In addition to this property, the solar color scheme has many other qualities, among which are both positive and negative.


  • A room in yellow color visually seems more spacious, lighter, warmer;
  • Surfaces and objects look light, airy;
  • Uplifting, energizing.


  • Excess yellowness can cause anxiety, irritation;
  • In the bright version quickly bored, tires;
  • Not suitable for rooms with windows facing the south, sunny side, increasing the sensation of heat and stuffiness.

Where to use: parts, surfaces, rooms

In the modern interior yellow color can play a leading role, be a companion or act as a bright, juicy accent, appearing only in the details. The last option is ideal for everyone, it is afraid to break the harmony or not ready to drastically change the design of the apartment. A couple of yellow accessories will set a new mood, enliven the room, larger surfaces will draw attention to themselves, help to hide any defects in the furnishings, layouts, bring in notes of enthusiasm and optimism. The walls, the floor, even the ceiling in yellow tones will completely transform any room. For such bold decisions, designers recommend selecting light, pastel shades of honey, gold, lemon, caramel, alternating them with other neutral colors. Bright yellow can make one accent wall, balancing its surfaces with a neutral beige, white, grayscale, as in the photo.

Yellow Color In The Interior Of The Apartment

Living room

A modern living room in yellow will become the center of your home, a place where the whole family, friends, and acquaintances will love to gather. If you decide to dwell on a few details, let it be textiles: curtains and sofa cushions or upholstered furniture, carpet and lamps, flower pots and picture frames or photo frames. If you want more yellow, glue the room with wallpaper with yellow stripes or with another suitable print, use the option with an accent wall or partial coloring (wide skirting and moldings in yellow).


In the kitchen, yellow shades are always appropriate, since they not only elevate the mood but also increase the appetite. The exception is made by people who adhere to a rigid diet, – caramel, wheat and other similar tones in the registration of the place of preparation and food intake are contraindicated to them. Beautiful yellow plates on the wall will be an excellent decoration of the modern kitchen-dining room, curtains, tablecloths, napkins and kitchen towels will also be used as accents. A kitchen with yellow facades or an apron will fill the room with solar warmth, and retro-style comfort and notes will be provided by small-sized appliances in the same color (mixers, toasters), a bouquet of tulips or daffodils in a transparent vase.


In the interior of a modern bedroom with a yellow color, one must be extremely careful, even if the windows of the room face the shady side. Hang yellow curtains, get a canary bedspread or a cozy blanket, bedside rug in the same color, pillows or other textiles. A beautiful chandelier or twin sconces with rattan, straw or shade shades will set the mood: pleasant and optimistic, but inviting to rest. Similarly, you can arrange the head of the bed or add gold details on the dressing table near the window.

Yellow Color In The Interior Of The Apartment


In the interior of the children’s room, modern designers recommend using yellow in a “diluted” version, choosing pastel, light colors. Couples of bright yellow details in the playing area or on the desktop will be quite enough, large surfaces and a place to sleep should be decorated in soft colors. In a teenager’s room it would be appropriate to have a mustard or lemon bean bag, as in the photo, a fluffy carpet of rich color, a younger child will like a bright sticker in the play area, a toy box, curtains with a delicate pattern.


Yellow tiles in the bathroom above the washbasin, including alternating with white or gray tiles, golden brass taps, soap containers, washing facilities, lamps — all this is good for cheering up in the morning and charging positive. In the sunbath (where the sun most often never appears due to the lack of windows) it will be easier for you to finally wake up and greet the new day with a smile.

Yellow Color In The Interior Of The Apartment


Entrance hall

The hallway, as a rule, is also devoid of natural light, therefore golden, lemon yellow, pumpkin, honey details and surfaces in its interior are more than appropriate. You can paint one of the walls yellow, and then beat it with mirror reflections and correctly placed lamps, or use a light shade all over the hallway, highlighting it with white baseboards. A mirror in a gold frame, peach furniture, lamps, tile on the floor – such details will not only decorate your hallway but also fill it with light, make it more visually more spacious and spacious.

Yellow Color In The Interior Of The Apartment

What is the combination of yellow and its shades?

The yellow color and its varieties have many spectacular and even edible epithets: sunny, golden, honey, wheat, lemon, caramel, apricot, peach, pumpkin, sand. They not only sound beautiful but look just as beautiful and stylish, combining with different elements of the color wheel, from related to contrast. For bright, opposite tones need companions: gray, beige, milky. In other cases, you can use white, another neutral tone as a third accent or background color.


The combination of yellow and white in a modern interior is a popular trend and a win-win. White can shade any bright or pastel color, and in tandem with yellow, they perform double work: white will visually expand, add volume and air, and yellow saturates the room with sunlight, makes it warm and cozy. Even airier and lightweight interior forms a combination of snow-white and dull, pastel yellow.

Yellow Color In The Interior Of The Apartment

The black

Black color graphically emphasizes the yellow details, but this union needs to be diluted with gray, white or beige, otherwise, it will emanate a feeling of threat or tension that can not but irritate. The mustard and gold elements look much calmer on a graphite or black background, and vice versa.


The chocolate color of the furniture and the floor, as is the case with graphic black, is perfectly set off by the yellow color of the walls, textiles, and other interior details. A bright yellow chest of drawers against a brown wall will look no less impressive. To prevent the room from getting too dark, add two primary colors with a soft lemon background, a tint of blurred egg yolk, or classic white.

Blue and purple

Yellow and blue are on opposite sides of the color wheel, so their neighborhood is usually diluted with beige, gray, pink, blue. Since blue is a cold color, cold shades of yellowness close to lemon are best combined with it? Approximately the same rules apply to a modern interior with a predominance of yellow and purple accents. Gray, beige, milky will be the perfect background for this bright couple.


The combination of yellow and green is often found in nature. Such a tandem in a modern interior will evoke associations with a field of dandelions or buttercups, a warm summer day and a carefree childhood. Saturated colors need a neutral companion (as usual, they are white, sandy, gray), and fading and slightly faded tones (lightly olive, light varieties of pistachio, light green in combination with pale lemon, delicate ocher or a blurry shade of golden sand) look great paired in any room, as in the example in the photo below.

Yellow Color In The Interior Of The Apartment


Yellow is combined with natural and artificial materials: light and dark wood, reddish-orange brick, gray concrete, and stone of calm colors. Designers use this property to integrate bright details into the interior of apartments of various types, from the rustic country and classic to the loft and modern industrial style. In the classic interiors dominated by wallpaper with delicate patterns in golden tones, plain light yellow walls, accentuated by white plinths, ceilings with stucco. In modern industrial interiors, the leading roles are played by cool shades of yellow, and in Mediterranean and Provence – burned out, warm tones (saffron, mustard, and ocher in combination with olive, blue, and lavender).

Thus, yellow is used to create modern interiors in all styles and directions, including as the dominant shade, companion or accent. The main thing is to choose friendly neighbors for him (harmonious color scale) and choose the appropriate tone.

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