Why you Need a Conveyancing Solicitor

Whether you are buying a property or selling one – or both – in order to ensure that it goes through successfully, you should move as quickly as possible, as things being held up can cause people to pull out, and also if you are in a chain this could then lead to the whole chain collapsing.

A big part of both the buying and the selling process of a property is the legal side of it, and this needs to be done properly. For that, you should get a conveyancing solicitor like this conveyancing solicitors Cheltenham based firm deeandgriffin.co.uk/services/conveyancing who specialise in property law.

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There are many reasons why you need a conveyancing solicitor – there are lots of checks that need to be done before the sale goes through and having these done means that you not only are aware of everything, but also means that you are certain that everything has been done correctly.

If you are taking out a mortgage to buy your property, the mortgage lender will require you to have a professional conveyancing solicitor to make sure that the money that they are lending is secure. It also helps with things like leasehold properties, which can be more complex than freehold.

Having a conveyancing solicitor ready and finding one before you start the process of buying or selling a property is a good way to save some time and ensure that you have got the right person for the job. This way, once you have decided on it, you can go straight to the solicitor and get them to start the proceedings.

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As soon as you instruct the solicitor to start, they can begin the process – this is not only good for getting things moved along quickly but can also help you if you are in competition with another buyer. For example, if there is another buyer interested who doesn’t yet have a solicitor lined up, you are likely to be the preferable candidate as you will come across as more organised, more interested and ready to go.

Once your solicitor then has all of the necessary information, they will be able to start all of the necessary checks and paperwork required and get the sale through as quickly as possible.

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