What we waste money on

All of us are guilty of wasting cash. We would all like to buy exactly what we need, but sometimes we make bad decisions. We’d be shocked at how much stuff we have in our homes, that we don’t use, or how many items we keep storing, believing we will need them one day. These are the most common items that people overbuy:

Clothing – Most of us have clothes in our closets that have not been worn and still have their labels attached. We may decide that we don’t want it, but never return it. Our weight could change or the style might be out-of-date. We could all fill up several bags of clothes for charity. It’s never too late to clean out your closet and organise it better. You can also treat yourself to a brand new wardrobe that is tailored to your specific storage needs. For Fitted Wardrobes, go to lamco-design.co.uk/bespoke-fitted-wardrobes/

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Toys – We go crazy over toys at Christmas and birthdays. Our kids have more toys than previous generations. Recent research has revealed that children have over 200 toys, but they only play with 12 of them every day.

Food – Although this is a problem that occurs every week, it becomes even more acute and obvious at Christmas. We are always convinced that the amount of food and drinks we purchase will not be enough, so we buy too much. We cater for twice as many people at Christmas, even if there are only a few of you. Food waste is a hot topic right now, and many families are trying to reduce the amount of food they throw away.

Shoes – Women are known to have too many pairs, but it could be anyone who loves shoes. You may need to clear out your closet or use better organisation techniques if you are having trouble finding space to store all of your shoes.

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Home Exercise Equipment – At some point in our lives, we go on a fitness frenzy. We think that we are going to transform ourselves and our bodies. It’s not uncommon for expensive pieces of equipment to end up being used as clothes dryers! Are there dumb bells in your shed that are rusting? Do you have a dusty ab machine that’s been pushed under the bed by guilt? Most New Year’s Resolutions are not kept beyond the first two weeks.

Author: Brielle Walker

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