What to buy in morocco during the holiday?

What to buy in morocco

Morocco is a country rich in colors and liveliness, characteristics that can be found especially in the numerous markets, called souks, scattered throughout the various cities. During a trip to this locality, there will be myriads of things that you will want to buy and take back home as a souvenir. However, what is really worth buying? With this guide, you will see what to buy during a holiday in Morocco.

What to buy in morocco during the holiday?

Tea and spices

Tea and spices are the essential elements in every characteristic Moroccan market and to buy if you go on holiday to Morocco. Both sold in bulk. These products strike the visitor’s eye because they help to make the atmosphere lively and cheerful thanks to their bright colors. If you intend to buy tea, mint tea is recommended. This typically Moroccan drink can be a nice memory once you return home. For spices, on the other hand, you can let yourself be guided by your own taste as each of them has an intense and special taste. In addition to spices, healing herbs are also sold, such as the “berber vix,” useful for clearing the nose.

Oils and perfumes

Everyone who has already made a holiday in Morocco remembers the intense perfumes and smells of the country. In the famous souqs, oils and perfumes are also sold to buy in order to bring some of that feeling back home. Typically black soap, useful for exfoliation and skin cleansing, is sold in these markets, as well as the famous Argan oil, used in many areas.

Leather bags

Another typical element of Morocco is leather, worked by expert craftsmen to create unique bags. Therefore, a souvenir of this type is fully included among the objects to buy during a holiday in Morocco. However, in this case, it is good to pay attention to bargaining. Very often, in fact, these objects are sold at prices higher than their real value and a long negotiation will be necessary to obtain the true cost of the bag.

Fabrics and scarves

Wandering around Morocco and its markets, it will be possible to observe the dyers’ souqs, where the fabrics are worked to create pashminas with intense colors. Buying these items during a holiday in Morocco can be a real bargain, given the quality of the products used to dye the fabrics. The dyers use only natural pigments and once painted, the fabric is left to dry in the open air. If you intend to buy fabric, it will be very interesting to just stop and observe the creation process.

Finally, to conclude this guide on what to buy during a holiday in Morocco, you can think of ceramic elements, especially the famous tagline. This dish closed with a triangular-shaped lid is widely used in the country to serve the well-known cous-cous. It is made with worked ceramic and is often characterized by bright colors and bright decorations.

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